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BET YOUR LIFE – ‘A Reason To Stay’ Review

BET YOUR LIFE – A Reason To Stay

Bet Your LifeBet Your Life are a melodic punk rock three piece from Ontario, Canada and are streaming their new six-song EP, A Reason to Stayin its entirety. The first song is a three and half minute rocker, Boss Fight with gritty vocals, fast paced punk with hooks a-plenty and a Gaslight Anthem street rock appeal.

On Rural Juror the pace and power are turned up a notch or two as the band offer an anthemic power-pop-punk rock song with machine gun drums and churning guitars supporting those gravelly throat vocals before The Flywheel vs. The Doom Loop offers ninety-three seconds of manic, spiralling punk rock with fast stops and starts to leave you completely breathless and in awe of the tight playing.

The momentum continues on the hugely melodic Oceans with a nod towards skate-punk and some very clever lyrics delivered with aplomb creating an energetic atmosphere that briefly breaks before building up again and then Is Your Death Even Peer-Reviewed? delivers as the song-title demands on a chunky and churning emotional punk rock track with hints of Sum 41 and Stiff Little Fingers in the sound.

The final track, Getting Out Of The Pigeon Game features the clean with a hint of fuzz guitars, grit in the oyster vocals and a steady, strong beat to wrap up a very satisfying package full of authenticity and not short of the hooks and melodies.


You can listen and download to A Reason To Stay by Bet Your Life here: