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BIG KNIFE LITTLE KNIFE – ‘Anchor Rights’ Review

bigknife-littleknife‘Anchor Rights’, the debut album from Big Knife, Little Knife is full of jagged guitars and controlled dissonance creating a Sonic Youth like set of songs. Since late 2012, the band has been writing songs about anger and loss, and, sometimes hope. They have released a cracking hardcore album that is hard to pigeonhole into any particular genre but one that blends the aforementioned guitar with heavy bass and strong drumming.

Opening with Brickwork, the scene is set for the album. It’s urgent, full of angst infused vocals and heavy. On Second Class, Final Term the band shows that it has a ‘sensitive side’ with some intricate quiet moments and a fade out into drums, bass and string plucks.

The album is varied and versatile in approach and this is exemplified by the radio intro and string heavy intro to Christa McAuliffe. The cello cedes control to shouted vocals and power chord guitars.

Big Knife, Little Knife features ex-members of groups such as Weights & Measures, Giant Sons, Belleisle, The Lindbergh Line, and Dance Movie and they make more noise than you would expect from a trio of musicians.

The nine songs are in your face, challenging, sometimes melodic and at others chaotic. They are all very powerful and immediate. No massive overdubs or superfluous extras although the added electronics on Poverty Projections (by Jeremy Gara of Arcade Fire), and the strings on Christa McAuliffe by Mark Molnar bring extra layers to the album’s raw emotion. At times, I am reminded of Metz from Ottawa as the energy levels do not abate.

The album ends with the almost 4 ½ minute Empty Chests, a super powerful, bass heavy classic that the Pixies would be proud of! Big Knife Little Knife will be touring in Western Canada this summer and the album is available here>>>

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Track Listing

  1. Brickwork
  2. Second Class, Final Term
  3. Christa McAuliffe
  4. Anarchist Calisthenics
  5. A Certain Degree
  6. Poverty Projections
  7. Put in a Good Way for Vlad
  8. (Probably Misses His) Old Glasses
  9. Empty Chests