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BILLY PALLIS Shares Single ‘Town 56’

BILLY PALLIS Shares Single ‘Town 56’

Billy PallisBilly Pallis is a Greek rock guitarist and producer based in New York. His musical journey took him from the German underground punk-rock scene, to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, to the rock music scene in New York. He has performed at renowned venues such as Rockwood Music Hall, Knitting Factory and the Standard East and has collaborated as a guitarist and producer with acts such as Finding Thomas, Chris Stills, The Max Tribe, Under Orders and Esoteric Sound Studio.

‘Town 56′ is Pallis’ debut single as a solo artist. His music is instrumental, with a focus on his loud Stratocaster guitar, spanning genres ranging from blues rock, hard rock and punk rock.

Pallis always had a passion for guitar instrumentals like the rock and western themes heard on Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez movies, which is where he drew his inspiration from for Town 56.

To help him record the track, Pallis enlisted drummer Clemens Grassmann.

‘Town 56’ was produced and engineered by Pallis at Esoteric Sound Studio in Brooklyn, New York, using three microphones in mono on the drums, building up a record that unfolds from mono to stereo in the big punk out finale utilizing guitar overdubs along with his main solo guitar.

“The inspiration for “Town 56” came from many different visions I had when I wrote the track. I had visions of trains and cars driving into a town at night, and on other days I envisioned a wrestler entering the arena to the music. Being an instrumental, the track is open for interpretation sonically and in time.”

Pallis is getting ready to record his first full length album in October 2018.



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