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BISHOPS GREEN – ‘Back to our Roots’ Review

bishopsgreenFrom the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada come the street punk guys of Bishop’s Green. They have been compared (rightly so) to Blitz, Cock Sparrer, Stiff Little Fingers and others. Back to our Roots is a six track album and gets straight into it with the pulsating Wake Up with a chanted chorus of “Wake up Johnny, Wake Up…wake up from the dead” – It’s a fists in the air, boots on the ground Oi! Classic.

Burn the Bastards is an attack on those who don’t like them and sets the scene for the next track that had me leafing through albums from the 4 Skins and The Business – Trouble is one of the better Oi/Street punk songs I’ve heard in a while and even launches into a terrace chant before returning to the “Trouble in the Streets” chorus.

Do Anything You Wanna Do is a track that Jake Burns of SLF would be proud of calling for self determination and stop taking orders from politicians, the boss at work or anybody who tries to control you.

The penultimate track of the six is Christmas in New York – although a little early for celebrating the season, the track bounces along with a ska-like riff and a chorus describing the riots in New York in 1828 around the Christmas season.

The album closes with an acoustic version of Burn the Bastards that I thought was an excellent change of pace and really well done showing the versatility of the band. Bishop’s Green are about to hit the road on a massive tour including a stop at the mighty Rebellion festival. Tour dates are available on their website here

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Track Listing

01. Wake Up
02. Burn The Bastards
03. Trouble
04. Do Anything You Wanna Do
05. Christmas In New York
06. Burn The Bastards (Acoustic Version)


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