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BLANK WHEN ZERO – ‘Taped!’ Album Review


blank-when-zeroSelf proclaimed Anti-Fascist, Animal Friendly, Gay Positive and Pro-Feminist, Germany’s Blank When Zero mean business. Their new album, Taped, was released at the back end of 2016 and it’s a corker.

The first track, Vegetieren is a tour de force of hardcore punk rock replete with power chords, fast as you like rhythm section and aggressive vocals – it’s a track to blow away the new year, post holiday blues and had me sitting up and begging for more! It’s quickly followed with Endlosschleife – just one minute and 25 seconds in length, the song powers along in a Rudimentary Peni style adding some anarcho-crust plaudits to the Mainz band’s reportore.

Generationenvertrag ups the power and then adds an intriguing, almost jazz style break before returning to a place that Discharge normally inhabit…the juxtaposition of the slower chorus and D-beat verses work really well and demonstrate some songwriting chops.

The fourth track of the eight on the album is Just A Ride – a helter skelter song as hardcore as they come with at least four identifiable vocalists. The song is delivered in English making the anti-war sentiment crystal clear and the spoken word middle leaves no room for doubt what Blank When Zero mean.

Mirrored experiments further with the interplay of vocalists as the guitars, drums and bass motor along at land speed record pace and this continues into Schones Laben Noch before the latter song halts and pivots 270 degrees into an acoustic guitar and vocal break and then turns your head back around to deliver a great riff and melody…loved it!

The 58 seconds of Sandkasten opens with some baby toy chimes but then knocks your head off with a hardcore riff. The album closes with Herz & Gefuhl where a female vocal/spoken word intro turns into a fake radio interview (I think!) in German…it sets up another Discharge style track that left me slightly breathless.

Taped! Is a solid punk rock/crust/hardcore album from Blank When Zero with some creative flourishes throughout and was released as a limited version of just around 50 tapes, at the end of 2016 and you can get it here




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