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BLEACH PARTY – ‘Get Stokeder’ EP Review

BLEACH PARTY – Get Stokeder

Bleach PartyFor Bleach Party, this EP was a transitional one as the band had their vocalist quit before release and had the replacement singer record vocals for two of the tracks. The band pushed on and decided to self-release Get Stokeder late in December 2018.

The five-tracker opens with Bleach Party Party where a stuttering start leads to a careening and gritty street punk sound with elements of the Dead Kennedys with the guitar licks. With House, the band deliver a punchy hardcore punk rocker with hints of UK82 punk power and Nose Bleeds And Road Soda builds on this with some throaty vocals supplying a raw punk sound to a track that has some interesting guitar approaches.

The title track (of sorts) is Stoked and it’s a full on hardcore punk track with some hints of Minor Threat, The Blitz and Chaos UK. The interchanging vocals help to craft a truly excellent punk rock song that is delivered with pace and power.

The closing track is Voices where a chunky, mid-paced introduction briefly lapses into silence before exploding in a helter-skelter of guitars punctuated by punchy, rhythmic choruses. The overall sound is like a hardcore Rudimentary Peni! This is a darn good listen!!!

Get Stokeder by Bleach Party is available in different formats by following the link below.