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BLEACH PARTY, USA – ‘Get Stoked’ EP Review


Bleach Party USABleach Party, USA released their five track EP, Get Stoked, a couple of months ago and we’ve just been sent a copy to review. From the spoken word “Have you drank all the bleach?” opening to the Drink Bleach track, it’s clear that these punkers have a sense of humor! The track is punk with a Black Flag vibe and has an edge to go along with the vibe.

Jeff’s Weenie has a Toy Dolls lyric approach but the delivery is more hardcore – the band sound more UK82 than US punk despite hailing from the US. The fast and powerful, Turbulent Juice, is propelled by some solid drumming allowing the guitar to do some great work. Bleach Party have an Oi! Tinge in a Peter & The Test Tube Babies type of way. They sound like they’re having fun as well as being a tad angry.

The fourth and second longest track, Crust Fund, rocks along from its stop/start beginning to the mosh-pit friendly and bass heavy verses. Reminded a bit of Disorder and Rabid from the aforementioned British punk era.

Closing with the three-minute plus, Party Buster, the band deliver the strongest song of the set with a melodic anthem replete with power chords, group vocals and some sing-along lyrics. The band focus on the fun side with some nihilistic tendencies as they cope with the day to day drudgery of life.

Good punk rock well played and well delivered – check out Get Stoked by Bleach Party, USA here: https://bleachpartyusa.bandcamp.com/releases