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BLINDING EYE DOG – R’Lyeh Wasn’t Built In A Decade, Hon!

BLINDING EYE DOG – R’Lyeh Wasn’t Built In A Decade, Hon!

Blinding Eye DogBaltimore-based punk band, Blinding Eye Doghas been around for about 10 years and they have had the honor of opening for great punk bands like Stiff Little
Fingers, D.R.I., Cancerslug, and Stigma among others.

Their new album, R’Lyeh Wasn’t Built In A Decade, Hon! was released on July 4thand contains sixteen (yes, 16!) tracks. The opener, Icenian Queen delivers some churning power chords and insistent vocals as the band channel some early 1980s UK82 punk and East Coast USA bands combining to create a sound that reminded me of Vancouver’s Subhumans – good stuff. The grumbling riffs of Stupidville, USA set up a raucous, fast-paced punk rock effort dominated by a strong guitar lick.

On Feel The Bern the band display some serious punk chops with a song that just nails it in a Minor Threat way and Baltimore Lean is 97 seconds of spiraling punk rock in the vein of the Circle Jerks. Puppet Massacre motors along at a significant pace with a slower chorus whereas Tom Otter’s Lane maintains the pace whilst displaying a raw, DIY edge. The four-minute I Can’t Believe It’s Not Haggis channels the Dead Kennedy’s as it veers from foreboding, menacing sections to faster segments whilst Call Of Cthulhu is a more straightforward rock and roller with some headbanging rhythm.

The 9thtrack, Frankenhooker literally explodes as a two-minute fast paced punker and the following Bong Of Cthulhu is the longest on the album at almost four and a half minutes with heavy, churning and slightly off-kilter sections melding with fast-paced runaway slices.

The thirty-nine seconds of Seed pack a serious punch and the fifty-seven seconds of Grab Life sample the traitor Trump and rip into him. On Rush Hour a rolling guitar lick competes with some chunky riffs, tight rhythms and fast solo to craft another Minor Threat style effort. Cum On Aileen is certainly as far away from Dexy’s as you can get with dark lyrics and a three chord punk rock soundtrack whilst the penultimate song, Berzerker drives along to an excellent riff and tight rhythm unit and Jello Biafra like vocals on the chorus – good stuff in a Fugazi like way!

The album ends with another lengthy song, Honey, It’s Ok and Blinding Eye Dogserenade us out with a 1950’s rock and roll ballad with a rawness that is exemplified by the brass instruments and some faster sections that threaten to spiral out of control…it is a fitting end to an album that we enjoyed tremendously.

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