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BLOCK PARENT – ‘Amongst The Hurtin’ Mess’ Album Review

BLOCK PARENT – Amongst The Hurtin’ Mess

Block ParentBlock Parent are a three-piece punk rock band from Cambridge, Ontario. They have released their first full-length album Amongst The Hurtin’ Mess on May 11th on all major digital platforms (Tapes available May 11th | CD’s available June 3rd).

The band has developed a strong local following since they launched in April 2017, and have released three EP’s to date.  This album kicks off with Everybody Loves Sugar Raymond and the bands sense of humor is present with a toasting vocal leading to guffaws all around and then the band kicks into a set of monster riffs laid over a manic skate-punk beat.

Next up is Band Shirts with some hilarious lyrics about getting fat as an old punk and not being able to fit into your favourite band t-shirts…good fun and manic pace throughout!

The booming bass intro to Cold Turkey sets up some magical riff work and pacey drums to set up a skate-punk party whereas Midnight Society is all about late night drinking and is a punk rock romp. At the half-way point, Pioneer Sportsworld starts with some spoken word and attacks the jock culture and displays a healthy disinterest in sports in general! On Buddy System Block Parent maintain the pacey, skate-punk momentum and lay down some great guitars over a tight bass and drum for a song that lasts over five minutes supporting a story that is all about remaining there for a friend and the vibe is like Pennywise meeting Stiff Little Fingers!

The 97 seconds of Low Lit Rooms opens with spoken word again and then just launches into a 200mph skate-punk track focused on drug taking as a way to survive and the next song, We All Wear Masks, Metaphorically Speaking is 79 seconds of melodic mid-paced pop-punk balladery!

The penultimate song, Blue Hair Special is a raucous romp delivered at pace with group vocals and meaty hooks leading to the closer, To Live And Die In Cambridge where the band showcase their musical chops with a bluesy opening leading to an Oi/skate-punk extravaganza. The album is fun, tight, powerful and punk in a Peter & The Test Tube Babies way!


Check out Block Parent and Amongst The Hurtin’ Mess here:






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