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BLOWFUSE Release New Video for ‘Angry John’

BLOWFUSE Release New Video for ‘Angry John’

BlowfuseAngry John” is the second single from the upcoming Blowfuse album ‘Daily Ritual‘ -the first being “Bad Thoughts“-, with the album coming out on February 8th.

What you will hear is an ‘old school’ punk rock song from head to toe: Frenetic rhythmic guitars, ‘in your face’ drum beats, a catchy melodic chorus & Oscar’s restless voice are the ingredients for this song that deals with anxiety. Not only it criticises the obsession of people for talking too much and throwing their problems to others, but also the love for simply being angry with life and the anxiety that provokes.

Everyone has to deal with that ‘John’ once in a lifetime, he’s a reflection of selfish society where blaming the neighbour is the easiest way to justify our misfortunes, instead of facing our own problems from the start.

You can check out the video for ‘Angry John’ below.

The album is available to pre-order on CD and Vinyl now from the Disconnect Disconnect Records webstore:

1. Dreams
2. Bad Thoughts
3. Angry John
4. Grand Golden Boy
5. Outta My Head
6. So Long My Friends
7. Sunny Daze
8. Change Your Mind
9. A Thousand Miles
10. Right Before Your Eyes
11. Hit The Ground





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