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BOBBY FUNK – ‘Avocado Stains’ Album Review

BOBBY FUNK – Avocado Stains

Bobby FunkTNSrecords will release the new EP from Cornish punks, Bobby Funk on April 16th 2018. The band will be releasing Avocado Stains on avocado shaped green vinyl!!

Bobby Funk have spent the last few years causing a scene up and down the country with their infectious riffs, driving bass, punishing drums and tongue in cheek lyrics.

Some vaguely middle eastern guitar riffs introduce the excellent DMT where gravel throated vocals add a raw edge to a raucous punk rock noise fest. The follow up is the even faster rocking and rolling, Road Rage Ruckus with a runaway riff and rowdy rampage of a song!

On Johnny Wanker the band refer to a number of cultural celebrities and build to a pounding rhythm with pretty much everyone called a “wanker” – loved it! The superbly titled Stathams Of The Crass is next with a booming bass line and engaging rhythm, the feedback leads to a Dead Kennedys style riff before launching into a hardcore punk riot! The track plays with some jazzy sections with a classic “Do they owe Jason a living? ….Of Course They Fucking Do!!!” J

The EP ends with Sick Helmet and Bobby Funk show us a catchy, hooky pop/punk side of their personalities with Half Man, Half Biscuit style lyrics!!!  Loved this release, fun, full of energy and clever as all hell!!!

You can catch Bobby Funk releasing the record at Manchester Punk Festival 2018 at 2pm in the Zombie Shack on 21st April. More shows will be announced throughout the summer up and down the country as well as a trip to Europe in the near future.


Pressing: 250
Release date: 16th April 2018



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