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BOGANS – ‘Here Be Monsters’ Review

BOGANS – Here Be Monsters

BogansNorth Wales band, Bogans, have just released their second EP, Here Be Monsters. The five tracker begins with Close To Home where a skate-punk drum beat drives the massive guitars forward and set up a gravelly vocal full of longing, angst and insistent pain and the overall package is one seriously good wall of sound with melodies and hooks to burn…phew!

The band create a very satisfying and powerful sound and the stuttering start to Cattle Battle soon ascends into a massively fast and complex punk rock extravaganza with pace to burn, hardcore vocals and some harmonies with backing vocals that help propel the track to new heights.

Narcissistic Tendencies explodes with anger after an extended introduction with skate punk beats, hardcore elements and a vocal that suggests the singer has been gargling with razor blades! The penultimate track of the five is Vignette and the band get to display their intricate and powerful song writing chops with complexity mingling with straight up simplicity to produce a powerhouse of a song that simply rocks!

The EP finishes up with the title track, Here Be Monsters and the band mix in some rhythmic support of urgent vocals with some serious pace and power before adding a restrained and spoken word section that provides some respite before a spiralling and aggressive ending…WOW!

Check out Bogans and Here Be Monsters below: