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BOGANS – ‘Uno Mas!’ EP Review

BOGANS – Uno Mas!

bogansHailing from Wrexham, North Wales, the Bogans have just released their first EP, Uno Mas! From the opening chords of [Redacted] it is clear that we are for a treat. With a churning and powerful riff, the gravel throat vocals add a nice punk edge to the UK82 style track – think Demob, The Blitz and add a little Bad Religion and you’ll get a sense of the Bogans.

To What End? Seriously ups the pace and utilizes backing vocals to add to the overall package but this one is a mosh-pit ready frenzied attack with a good dollop of melody. The third track of the six on this exceptional debut is Grandad with its terrace chant chorus and all-out attack guitar driven structure…solid punk rock!

On Dumskulls, the heavy bass intro and 100mph drums help to propel the track along. The band are seriously tight with complex breaks, that ever-present bass and a song structure that just hits you full on the jaw! The restrained intro to Murdoch flatters to deceive as the Bogans attack the owner of The Sun, Sky and other horrendous right-wing media rags around the world – the band hit hard with a great three-minute plus punk protest strong!

The bonus track Buckin’ Bronco is seventy-nine seconds of mayhem – fast, furious and hardcore in approach, the Bogans don’t mess around.

Solid punk rock and a super debut…get Uno Mas! here:




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