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BONES PARK RIDER – ‘There But For The Grace Of God’ Review

BONES PARK RIDER – There But For The Grace Of God

Bones Park RiderThe new album by Sheffield alt/punk band Bones Park Rider was released on Friday, October 13th.  As Alvin Gibbs from UK SUBS kindly says: “I get to hear a lot of new records emanating from what could loosely be termed “the punk rock scene”. Without question though, there but for the grace of god is one of the most accomplished and enjoyable albums that I’ve been lucky enough to encounter in recent years”. 

The opening track, Guilty Pleasure, has a Damned like quality with vocals similar to Dave Vanian in style with the band providing some melodic punk rock backing.

On Superhuman Bones Park Rider continue with the melodic, deep voiced vocals as the chunky guitar chords and pounding rhythm section propel the track along all combining to produce a horror-punk vibe. Died Pretty contains the line that provides the album title and the track is a melodic effort with the subdued verses setting up some rollicking chorus work.

The fourth track of the ten on this album is Nothing Left To Talk About where the soaring chorus is supported with some great guitar work, group vocals and serrated chords of the verses. When Good Men Do Nothing takes on a slower but still powerful style with some vocal work that reminded me of early Southern Death Cult.

The interplay of vocals on Table For One sets up a great rocker and it is followed by Laika where the tone is a little more ominous and the track explodes into an energetic song. On Favorite Funeral Suit the band return to the style of The Damned with a huge dose of hooks and melody.

The penultimate track, Missing, opens with a mellow guitar that sets up a rollicking beat and a super vocal performance. It’s a great track and one of my favorites on the album and it is followed by the Cramps guitar lick that propels Won’t Go To Heaven throughout to a wonderful close.

Good stuff indeed!

Grab yourself a copy of There But For The Grace Of God by Bones Park Rider here: https://bonesparkrider.bandcamp.com/