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BONO! – ‘No Escape’ EP Review

BONO! – No Escape

bonoEast Anglian punk rock has an ever-growing reputation on the UK D.I.Y. Punk scene. Bands like The Domestics, Faintest Idea, Casual Nausea had paved the way for new bands like BONO! to emerge. Full disclosure, punkonline.co.uk founders hail from the region so we are a little bit partial to the local scene!

Available on vinyl and digital download from Antipop RecordsNo Escape is the 4-piece’s second EP since forming three years ago. The opening track, Bullshit, begins with some casually strum guitar notes and then embarks upon a chunky rhythmic and melodic segment and then just lifts off into an aggressive punk rock second half channeling Gallows…wow!

Despair, does away with the soft introduction and goes straight for it with some intense punk rock full of tempo changes, throat busting vocals and some strangely appropriate guitar solos all propelled by some machine gun drums.

The title track, No Escape, underpins those signature vocals with some tight guitars and backing. It’s a great punk rock song. The EP closes with Axe To Grind, over four minutes at a slower tempo but, no less powerful. There are some moments of sheer melody and excellent musicianship and then, after a short pause midway through the song, the band changes direction and brings forward a more urgent and faster paced section that then blends with the opening to create a powerful climax…great stuff!

BONO! having played Hasting Punk Fest, Pie Race have a very busy 2017 planned, including appearances at Rebellion Festival and Punk Rock Holiday 1.7!