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the band’s story behind anarchist punk music

Foreword by Steve Ignorant

The first book to be released from Punk Online explores how some of the most controversial material ever written came to the forefront.

Over a year in the making, through a series of short interviews with band members, we delve into how the groups started, what were the primary political motivations and what they thought of the albums once recorded.

Interviews with Crass, Chumbawamba, Zounds, Omega Tribe, Subhumans, Blyth Power, Lost Cherrees, Antisect, Cravats, Icons of Filth, Rubella Ballet and Flux of Pink Indians reveal all we need to know about the defining LPs of the era.

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A thoroughly engaging read, we find out about the growth of the squatting culture, the increasing interest shown by the Special Patrol Group (SPG) and MI5, how the albums were often outselling the mainstream pop acts of the time as well as numerous personal thoughts and opinions of fellow bands and individuals.

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Zounds Demystified

Zounds Demystified by Steve Lake

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“Zounds has been described as a political band. It has been labelled as squat-rock, pop-rock, peace-punk, anarcho-punk, post-punk, psychedelic, punk-pop and a million other things. But those are just labels, I’m not that bothered what people call it really.” -Steve Lake, June 2013

This is part Steve’s autobiography, part band history and part insiders story of the 1980’s UK anarcho punk scene.



Towards Collective Liberation

Towards Collective Liberation by Chris Crass

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Towards Collective Liberation is for activists engaging with dynamic questions of how to create and support effective movements for visionary systemic change, namely those who wish to ensure that all movements are both feminist and anti-racist in nature. Drawing on two decades of personal activist experience and case studies of anti-racist social justice organisations, Crass insightfully explores ways of transforming divisions of race, class and gender into catalysts for powerful vision, strategy and movement building in the world today.