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BORDURE – ‘Nevroses’ EP Review

BORDURE – Nevroses

bordureBORDURE is a band formed in 2015 between Lille and Paris, France. They play a unique style that they describe as being about mathrock and post hardcore. The six-track EP/album Nevroses opens up with a 56 second Intro of strummed guitar joined with some solo notes and bass notes – we are treated to the calm before the storm as Fields launches with no pause and attacks with screamed vocals, pounding drums and intricate changes of pace and rhythm. The song takes on many directions with melodic intervals, complex moments all dominated by some of the most intense vocals you will hear this year!

Cabin Fever opens with a choppy rhythm and develops into some almost prog rock/math punk guitar work and then those vocals dragged from the gut take the track into punk/hardcore territory. Bordure are not at all afraid to let a song develop and breathe with most of the tracks well over three minutes in length and this creates space for complex changes in approach.

The longest song on the album is Test 9 clocking in at just over five minutes. The anguished vocals are still present but the interplay of guitars, bass and drums crafts a sophisticated backing that twists and turns in many directions throughout.

Chinese Ghosts dabbles with some almost jazz guitar work and the vocals offer some different treatments as the song flirts with accessibility producing a System Of A Down type sound. The mini-album ends with Tear Gas and this one turns up the pace a notch or two with layers and layers of guitar over a strong drumbeat but, as with most songs, Bordure take you in all kinds of directions. It really is Math-Punk at its most complex and that’s no bad thing!

You can get your hands on Nevroses by BORDURE here: https://bordure.bandcamp.com/album/nevroses and even pick up a snazzy t-shirt