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BRATAKUS – ‘Gigantopithecus’ EP Review

BRATAKUS – Gigantopithecus

bratakusIn a time where the now most powerful man in the world is talking about grabbing women by the pussy, it’s safe to say that misogynistic attitudes could potentially become commonplace unless people do something and speak up about it soon. Also with millions of keyboards warriors across the globe talking about “feminazis” and “SJW’S” (Social Justice Warriors for those not aware) now seems a good time for punk rock to produce some true riot grrrl music which is very fucking angry.

What is amazing about Bratakus, from North Scotland, is not only that they have been gigging quite a bit as far as London, but that there is only two of them and they are only teenagers.

This band very much echo’s the DIY aspect of punk with Gigantopithecus not actually coming in a CD case, but wrapped in a package complete with images of newspapers clippings of feminist activists and headlines of stories of struggles that women have faced, proving that they are dedicated to their cause.

The guitar sound is raw and live sounding, with no amped up production that is found in a lot of the slick polished releases of today. It feels like true hardcore in the vein of the original music such as Minor Threat and Black Flag and not the macho posturing kind that gets dubbed “hardcore” today. This is what they cite as their influence which given their young age is very impressive.

The vocals are shouty and angry sounding and once again recall the 80’s era. As they are female vocals, things like The Plasmatics and Mere Dead Men spring to mind.

The specific lyrical topics on this 3 track ep cover general punk nihilism, being open minded and mistreatment of animals. The title of the EP is apparently the name of a giant ape, but I am not going to try and say what I think that means exactly, that’s one to think about yourself.

A machine provides the drums, but you can’t really tell which can never be a bad thing. In my opinion a real drummer is always better, but it sounds human enough on record, I’ve not seen them live so I can’t comment there.

To me, this sounds like a band starting out, and they seem to be going in the right direction with a production that is not overdone but at the same time doesn’t sound too much like a band recording in a garage.

Also as a bonus point they clearly have a sense of humour in what they do with a Simpsons sample on the last tack “Food Chain.”

Research tells me Bratakus are recording an album and looking for gigs so keep your eye out for them. Gigantopithecus can be found on their band camp page here>>>




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