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BRATAKUS – ‘Target Grrrl’ Album Review

BRATAKUS – Target Grrrl

BratakusWe reviewed Screaming Babies Records’ first release, the Bratakus EP Gigantipithicus (review here), and now we take a listen to the first full length album by the same band called Target Grrrl.

The album opens with a massive bass guitar riff, some spoken word, female groans and then it explodes into a riot grrrl vocal supported by some fast paced punk rock. Yes, Cyber Queen just rocks it.

The ten-track album continues with the riotous No More Love Songs full of pace, power and anger. There is a gritty vocal and a DIRT style female co-lead vocalist and they interplay superbly on the punk rock romp of I Know Nothing.

The mosh-pit inducing frenzy continues with Hey, the power chords and pounding drums propelling the track along. We reach the half-way point with a sample of Rick Mayall (RIP Rik) poem (from the Young Ones?) before the band launch into another group vocal driven hardcore effort and Pollution Evolution is one of my favourites!

I must confess that I really like Bratakus as they manage to make the genre sound as fresh as the first day with fast, one-minute hardcore epics such as Who Cares? Then, on Wastelands, the churning, chunky riffs create a helter-skelter ride that had me head-banging throughout.

Open Your Eyes reminded me of Black Flag/Minor Threat with its pace and power whereas, Product channels the Crass sentiment of how we are all just products in the minds of big business. The album concludes with the longest track by far, the four minute, twenty-one seconds of Mind’s Eye. The band play for about half of it, everything goes quiet and then they have a bit of fun before re-launching into the track to finish things off!

Loved it as it is raw, full of energy, humor and anger – get Target Grrrl by Bratakus here:




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