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BREAKFAST MUFF – ‘Eurgh’ Album Review


breakfast-muffFrom Glasgow’s fertile DIY punk scene come Breakfast Muff, a thrillingly uncompromising pop/punk trio whose debut album Eurgh! will be released on Amour Foo Records in July. Featuring songs about sexuality, feminism and feelings, Eurgh! provides a full variety of sounds from Lo-Fi punk to sugar filled pop.

The band formed in 2014 and have gigged regularly and have produced two records. Their first album, The Feels, was made in two days. Their second, Rainbow Yawn, was made in three, and Eurgh! in four! The album opens with Lunch Money, a fifty second jittery and energetic punk rock track that reminded me of anarcho-punk legends DIRT. Arms Brains marries some males and female vocals focusing on sexual attraction and it sets up the R U A Feminist track that is a full on attack on hypocrites with a latent anger disguised by a poppy verse and angry chorus!

On Birthday Party, Breakfast Muff dial up the fuzzy guitars and echo infused vocals that bring the male/female interplay to the fore again as the song takes on an ethereal ambiance.  At the half way point of the album is the excellent Baby Boomers where the lyrics lament what they inherited from their parents and the music takes on a Theatre Of Hate style procession/march…loved it!

I Like To is a full on sex track where the subject is treated to a nice female lead and backing vocal for just over a minute…it’s slightly disconcerting but effective! Next up is Duvet where a surf punk guitar and solid drumbeat leads a romp of a song that builds to a powerful chorus and it leads into Rasberry Pavlova where the band explore some bluesy keyboard/guitar vibe and then rock it up before returning to the catchy verse structure.

As we reach the penultimate track, Stinky Goodbyes, I’m hooked as the band cement their place as one to watch and follow closely – this time sounding more like fellow Scots, Orange Juice, the band are mellower and accessible. The album closes with Waving Cat, a ballad with echoey guitar and vocals that burrow their way into your ears and seal the deal.

Eurgh demonstrates Breakfast Muff’s development as a band – they can be angry, joyous, sad and serious but they are worth checking out for sure here: https://breakfastmuff.bandcamp.com/