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BREAKFAST MUFF share new single “Patient” from Crocodile EP

BREAKFAST MUFF share new single “Patient” from Crocodile EP

Breakfast MuffBreakfast Muff share the second single “Patient” from their forthcoming EP Crocodile, which is coming out via Prawnshelle Records on 6 April. The band share singing duties and swap instruments, so this time round it’s the turn of Cal Donnelly (also in Spinning Coin).

A thrillingly uncompromising DIY pop trio consisting of Eilidh Mcmillan (Rapid Tan, Jealous Girlfriend), Simone Wilson (Hairband, Mary Column, Kaputt) and Cal Donnelly (Spinning Coin, Kaputt, Rapid Tan), the band stand out not only for the music they make but how they make it. Without hierarchies, challenging each other to keep changing instruments and vocal duties from song to song, they are able to explore different genres and themes (feminism, punk, DIY music, garage, pop) while keeping a core essence.

In true Breakfast Muff style, the Crocodile EP was recorded in one day with Eurgh! producer Rick Webster (Highpony Studio) with mixing duties handled once again by Hookworms’ MJ (Suburban Studio). The single “Crocodile” is about, “someone guilting you and projecting their problems onto things you are doing!” says Simone, and it sets the pace and tone with stomping guitar, bass and drums; the perfect counterpoint to her enigmatic, almost-whispers of “wet eyelash on the bathroom tile”.

It’s an inspiring message to not give in and live your life the way you want to live it. In our society today people are demanding change, telling truth to power, holding people accountable and Breakfast Muff are providing the soundtrack.