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BREN – ‘Sickbed’ EP Review

BREN – Sickbed

brenFeaturing Matt from Comrade Nixon and Marco Polio, BREN hail from the northern reaches of New York State and have released a debut three song EP, Sickbed.

BREN are a three-piece punk band and they are currently recording their debut album. This EP was recorded live and opens with Slip. The vocals and guitar reminded me of the Dead Kennedys and the song is a very strong effort with strong bass and drums laying a foundation for some cool riffs.

Sirens is slower and chugs along before a speedfest middle and then a return to the grindcore approach all within one minute and twenty one seconds.

The third and final track, Summer Self is the longest of the set clocking in at over four minutes. The live recording adds an urgency to all the songs and bodes well for the forthcoming studio sessions. This track just rocks along and will be a crowd pleaser live. The band have a unique approach to punk rock and have some skate punk influence for sure.

In January, BREN are heading out for a couple weeks with upstate NY rockers ASA MORRIS AND THE MESS.


In the meantime, give them a listen here:




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