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BRUCE – ‘My Latest Popstar Crush’ Album Review

BRUCE – My Latest Popstar Crush

bruceBRUCE from Belgium have released their new album, My Latest Popstar Crush. They have a pretty unique sound and state influences such as Australian punk bands the Cosmic Psychos, Celibate Rifles, The New Christs, The Eastern Dark and Radio Birdman.

The album opens with the title track, My Latest Popstar Crush and it bounds along to a great riff and drumbeat demanding movement and engagement from the listener. The vocals reminded me a little of some of the early West Coast US punk bands such as Circle Jerks. Moving along quickly after the 1.43-second opener and another ‘in you face’ riff hits you upside the head as Fix My Brains nails a punk rock classic.

BRUCE have a great live reputation and the live shows of this three-piece band are reported to be full of energy, fast and furious. If track three, Sinful Ink is anything to go by, you better catch these guys as soon as you can because they can certainly rock.

The album reviews in their native Belgium and in the Netherlands have been very positive and BRUCE will be touring those countries the coming months. This spring the band will focus more on European shows as well as the summer festivals.

Perfect Ladygarden and Pass Pa both contain psychedelic guitar solos and fast paced, Exploited style backing. Treehugger has a much more 1960s garage style sound with the less than two-minute urgency prevalent throughout the album. The relatively lengthy Next Time slows it down slightly with an almost pop/punk/ballad approach.



The album ends all too soon with the excellent hardcore Bug Me – forty-eight seconds of punk rock bliss. BRUCE are good, refreshing, different and well worth your attention.

My Latest Popstar Crush can be streamed through Soundcloud, and is for sale on Bandcamp: