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BRUNO BRAUN – ‘Punch The Clock And Start Living’ Review

BRUNO BRAUN – Punch The Clock And Start Living

Bruno BraunBruno Braun is a solo punk rock project from Lisbon, Portugal. The new EP, Punch The Clock And Start Living was released a few weeks ago and contains five-tracks addressing the boring day-to-day routine of life.

The opening track is Dead End Dream and it begins with a solo acoustic guitar before a chunky riff takes over from an electric guitar and the screamed/sung high pitched vocals are layered on top of a Zounds like sound. The vocals are anguished and the song takes on an art-punk vibe for a full four and a half minutes replete with screaming solo!!

Black Coffee And Cheap Cigarettes is another lengthy song with a more aggressive tone and approach that descends into some acoustic sections, some faster pieces and some downright strange vocal approaches where the words are dredged up and spat out. The half-way point sees Dirty Little Bitch with a raunchy rocker approach whereas Trying To Keep It Together is more acoustic folk/punk in sound albeit with a rocking chorus!

Closing with Far Away, Bruno Braun explores more acoustic guitar with a ballad style approach that experiments with some Pixies like riffs and creates a pleasant package that juxtaposes the nice guitar with angry vocals.


Download or take a listen to Punch The Clock And Start Living by Bruno Braun here: https://rotem.bandcamp.com/album/punch-the-clock-start-living