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BRUTAL YOUTH – ‘Sanguine’ Album Review


Brutal YouthBrutal Youth hail from Newfoundland, Canada and play “manic, 120 second, punk rock anthems peppered with sucker-punch hooks that’ll leave you toothless before you even know what hit you.” They release their album, Sanguine on Friday August 25th. From the slightly deceptive opening to Denial where some spoken words and atonal guitars are catapulted into a frenzied and potent punk rock D-Beat driven song, it is clear that Brutal Youth are going to live up to their name.

Brutal Youth were formed in 2010 and recorded their first album Spill Your Guts before uprooting themselves from their hometown of St. John’s, NL and moving to Toronto.

On Chlorine the pace continues with a ferocity with a vocal interplay that left me breathless and the opening chords of The King provide a brief respite before the solid riff kicks in to provide a skate-punk extravaganza full of melody and vicious hooks.

They’ve shared the stage with Descendents, Cock Sparrer, and Off With Their Heads amongst others and the new album is mastered by the famed Mass Giorgini (Rise Against, Anti Flag, Alkaline Trio). Anger starts with some prison sirens, some brief feedback and then just assaults your eardrums with a truly magnificent bass & drum interlude – absolutely relentless stuff that continues on Rogue Thoughts.

There are fourteen tracks on the album with Whiteway and Hostile Work Environment both just over a minute in length with an MDC feel. On Sandpit, Brutal Youth introduce some eerie keyboards before one of the dirtiest bass sounds I’ve witnessed in years introduces a screaming guitar solo and then a stop/start hardcore song of monster proportions. Like fellow Canadian noise masters Metz, Brutal Youth just batter you into submission with Bargaining and the title track, Sanguine with both tracks producing two minutes each of controlled mayhem.

Depression takes on a slightly more emo/punk feel with some soaring vocals whilst the 120mph Thick As Thieves is about as ‘in your face’ as punk/hardcore gets – these folks must rock in a live venue! The penultimate song, Todd Serious features some angry snarled vocals and pounding drums setting up Acceptance to deliver the knockout punch with a two-minute scorching track with some excellent mid-section work that just brought a huge smile to my face…loved it and loved this album!

Grab your power surge and get Sanguine by Brutal Youth here: https://brutalyouth.bandcamp.com/