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BURNOUT-13 – ‘No Brainer’ Review

BURNOUT-13 – No Brainer

burnout-13With a 15-year-old lead vocalist and guitarist backed by the relative veterans (aged 18 and 17) on drums and bass, Burnout-13 from Somerset in the West Country of England are a punk band from the NoFX, Sum41 genre.

Their album, No Brainer opens with one minute and 54 seconds of sheer power with the song Maths Debate (lyrics about a school math lesson), they have captured a very compelling sound. None to lose also powers along with the punk/pop crossover sound of fast heavy guitars, fast paced rhythms and melodic vocals. The bass intro to You Should Get Out More sets up a song about teenage boys playing X-box and watching porn – it’s strong track musically with some amusing lyrics.

The album is raw in an energetic and in-your-face production. I loved the guitar sound throughout and, given the ages of the band members, it promises a great deal for the future. Fashion Victim veers into political territory commenting on the pressure to fit in and ‘look the same’ whilst I Want a Dog Called Boris returns to the humor that is displayed throughout the album. There’s a great deal of teenage angst and a great deal of superb music on this album.

Wait 43 clocks in at one minute and 26 seconds commenting on the Bristol ‘scene’ and it’s followed by one of the standout track on the album I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Middle Class where the trials and tribulations of school and teenage life are brought to the fore backed by some ferocious guitar and some intricate changes of speed highlighted with a bass solo.

No! is 4 seconds long and made me laugh and the album of 10 songs is closed by Do I Look The Sort of Person Who Doesn’t Want a Cup of Tea? and Balls Deep in the Deadlands – both are rollicking punk romps with the latter playing with all sorts of vocal treatments for over 4 minutes – it’s clever, self depreciating and disarming – really good fun and a great closer to a strong debut. The album is available to buy as CD from the band or bandcamp. It is also available as digital download from ITunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.