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BURNT TAPES – ‘Alterations’ EP Review

BURNT TAPES – Alterations 

burnt-tapesLondon-via-Athens punk rock band the Burnt Tapes have revealed details of their forthcoming EP ‘Alterations’ which be launched on June 2nd..

The EP opens with the title track, Alterations and it’s a very strong effort indeed with some gritty vocals and some excellent musicianship producing a pop-punk classic. The aforementioned Oh Marie continues with the hooks and the melody with those ‘sandpaper’ vocals creating a signature sound that is accessible, different and robust.

Moving from their hometown of Athens, Greece in 2013 to continue their studies and avoid mandatory conscription into the armed forces, the Burnt Tapes have spent the past four years adapting to life in London. On Wayne Regretzky (super title that!) the band turn it up a notch with a song that NoFX would have been proud of recording. The Burnt Tapes certainly doff their caps to the ‘Fat’ sound with hooks across the board.

On Ghosts the band keep up the pace with a strong guitar lick and solid bass/drum platform providing the track with a momentum that is infectious. Ending with Things Get Weird where plaintive vocals enter over a strummed guitar before the band join in to craft a true stomping anthem…loved every second of this one!

Alterations is out through Lockjaw Records (UK CD/Digital), Umlaut Records (Vinyl) & Cannonball Records. Gran yourself a copy of Alterations by Burnt Tapes here:



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