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BUTANNA – ‘Demo’ Review

ButannaHailing from the city of Oakland, CA which is a hotbed of great punk music, BUTANNA have self released a 7 song demo cassette (yes, cassettes are cool again so get your pencils ready to rewind the tape). Don’t be fooled by the D.I.Y. nature of the packaging – this is a great set of straight up punk songs delivered with passion and promise.

Vanessa delivers the vocals and she is good – a cross between the much missed Mia Zapata and the Sleater Kinney crew. Sean’s drumming and Jessica’s bass are top notch and drive the songs forward whilst Sequoia is East Bay Ray for the age.

Launching into ‘Jet Plane’ the lyrics cover the dumping of a boyfriend/girlfriend and the riff is classic punk as Vanessa holds nothing back as she ends the relationship with style and it’s no Elton John song!

Next up is ‘False Shaman’ and there is a slight Dead Kennedys feel to the track although there is also a nod to X-Ray Spex who the band cite as an influence.

‘Danny’s Song’ is another variation on the band being pissed off with someone and the album takes on a feel of some people really fucked off with somebody which is amplified by the next track ‘You’re on Fire’ If I read the lyrics correctly, it’s a call for armed revolution instead of armchair revolution – it’s a really strong track.

‘Run Daddy Run’ and ‘Burn it down’ are powerful punk songs with the latter being the stand out track for me on the demo. The final song ‘Feel Alright’ is a cover of The Damned and showcases the strong musicianship of the band – they’re fast, tight and angry – good ingredients for a punk band.

The band states clearly that they reject the macho trappings that can spoil the punk movement and they are a breath of fresh air for sure. They’ll be playing live in L.A. on November 27th and are looking at a U.S. tour in 2016.

In the meantime, check them out here http://butanna.bandcamp.com/releases


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Track Listing

  1. Jet Plane
  2. False Shaman
  3. Danny’s Song
  4. You’re On Fire (Dynamo)
  5. Run Daddy Run
  6. Burn It Down
  7. Feel Alright (cover)


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