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BUTANNA – ‘Retribution’ Review

BUTANNA – Retribution

butannaThe new album from Oakland’s Butanna is even better than their debut which we reviewed here

The opening track, Pleasure Principle rocks along to a speeded up Cramps-like riff with some angry screamed and very angry sounding vocals – it is a super start to a powerful album and sets up the listener for some darn good punk rock tracks.

FTP launches straight into a Black Flag style riff (in fact, the band have a Black Flag 2016 vibe) where the vocals switch between two vocalists.  The band are unashamedly political and damn angry as well. I loved this track!

Third song into the seven track album is Blame and Guilt and it’s a corker. Starting with a swirling and driving bass and lead guitar interplay, the track sucks you in and proceeds to chew you up and spit you out as it descends into a chaotic solo before the pounding drums and bass bring you back feeling almost exhausted.

Danni’s Song significantly ups the pace with one minute and 45 seconds of ferocious punk rock with some intricate bass and guitar that is “math-punk” in complexity. Burn it Down opens with a superb bass and drum and Vanessa’s vocals launch with the guitar – she can certainly belt out the lyrics and the band is at the top of its game on this great punk track that, once again, has a Dead Kennedys feel (just like some of the first album) – must be that East Bay guitar sound!

The 6th song is #3 with a riff that The Ramones would be proud of as would New Rose era Damned. After a couple of drum rolls about 2/3rds of the way in, the song picks up pace and ends faster than ever.

The last track is just 39 seconds in length and Test Test leaves nothing on the field or in the studio. Butanna have released a really strong sophomore effort that is well worth $5 of your hard earned dosh – get it here


Track Listing

  1. Pleasure Principle
  2. FTP
  3. Blame and Guilt
  4. Danni’s Song
  5. Burn it Down
  6. #3
  7. Test Test



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