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CADAVERS – ‘Death & Taxes’ Album Review

CADAVERS – Death and Taxes

cadaversHailing from the great city of Sheffield, the Cadavers have released a splendid debut album.  Opening with excellent Fashion Kills, a track that marries Rudimentary Peni style guitar and rhythm section with a Gallows style vocal, it is a song that sets up a trip down eleven songs of pure power. The band sound fresh, current and exciting and as they launch into Cold World, 86 seconds of vital, angry protest at the state of the world, they have grabbed you by the throat and demand your attention.

The title track, Death and Taxes kind of reminded me of The Exploited although that Rudimentary Peni vibe is still detectable. It rocks along at a pace and is tight, well produced and bloody angry.

Hole demonstrates another side to the band as the politics are more personal and there is a goth rock approach to the song and a dirty blues guitar approach. Midway through the album, Social Lobotomy reveals a rockabilly and pyschobilly side to the band before they launch into some straight up fast punk rock. The vocals are insistent and angry throughout the album and are well supported by some very well played and well-produced guitars, bass and drums. For me, the band are at their best when they take on global political issues – Old Glory tackles the gun problems in the USA with a song that’s better than many I’ve heard in the USA – it is one of the longest tracks of the eleven (just under three minutes) and one of the standout tracks on the album.

The Cadavers veer from protesting global issues to protesting the state of their lives and do so seamlessly throughout this debut. Separation tackles paranoia with a Damned New Rose style attack whereas Indifference explores the nihilism with another blistering punk rock song that benefits from some heavy drums.

The penultimate track, Primitive State is a full frontal attack on the vapid social media obsessed society taking on racists, people conditioned from birth and those who want to close borders and reject those fleeing wars. This is what punk rock is all about, kicking against the pricks and a guitar solo to boot!

The album closes with In-crowding a song that lines up the Hipster in its sights and obliterates them! The track starts with some bass notes, some ambient noise and then just blasts off as the bass gets faster and faster, drums kick in with a vengeance and then the guitar and vocals…oh boy, it’s a classic!

If you like your punk loud, angry, fast but well produced with meaningful lyrics than the Cadavers are for you – get the album here https://cadaversuk.bandcamp.com