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CALL ME MALCOLM – ‘I Was Broken When You Got Here’

CALL ME MALCOLM – I Was Broken When You Got Here

Call Me MalcolmCall Me Malcolm, are a five piece ska/punk band from London that blends hard punk, a crunchy ska sound and three part harmonies. Their new album I Was Broken When You Got Here will hit the street on April 6th.

The superb opening, Guided Meditation, features a superb female voice suggesting meditation over mellow music before a crashing guitar driven introduction to the The Gentleman And The Onion ushers in a ska/punk/ska powerplay replete with brass section and ‘tight as a gnats arse” rhythms – truly great stuff!

There’s No “I” In Apocalypse motors along with a stand out vocal performance with excellent musical backing including a neat interlude that serves to set up the powerful guitars. Call Me Malcolm are fun, talented and deliver great song packages as they do with the mid-paced Reggae of Restore Factory Settings with a nod to Sublime and early No Doubt.

On Inside Out the pace is picked up with a dance inducing foot stomper of a song with some punky guitars on display and they follow it with Jacob where the pace is picked up significantly as the song bundles forward until a relatively mellow brass driven middle eight provides a brief rest…good stuff!

The thirteen track album passes the half-way point with In Treatment, a ska-punk extravaganza mixing mellow segments with hardcore elements and they return to the relaxing voice of the meditation lady on F.T.I.M. before delivering an excellent instrumental ska piece. It’s My Plagiary And I’m Going Home contains hints of Jaya The Cat, The Interrupters and Frank Turner whilst Show Me What You Got continues to perfectly blend the ska and hardcore approaches.

Now Wait For Last Year builds into an emotional and powerful track and All My Nameless Friends has a more sinister vibe containing some excellent saxophone and group vocals. The album concludes with You’re Welcome where our lovely presenter returns and brings a massive smile to you face – great fun, great band, great album!!!

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