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CAPITAL YOUTH – ‘Lemonade’ EP Review


capital-youthReleased on Roosevelt Records, which is the bands own label, ‘Lemonade’ by Switzerland’s Capital Youth shows that the band have the true punk DIY ethic. They would best be described as garage punk or indie punk, as the material on this EP recalls things such the early work of The Strokes as well as the early sound of The Ramones.

‘Lemonade’ is a five track EP and the first release by Capital Youth and it kicks off with the energetic ‘Chinatown’, tuneful guitar followed swiftly by heavy bass and drums. It’s an excellent opener with good interplay between the musicians keeping everything tight and bouncing along at breakneck speed.

Next up is the equally impressive ‘Where You Are’ and the energy levels are kept high with ‘In A Maze’, a stormer of a punk song with shoutalong chorus, guitar solo and played at a great tempo throughout. ‘Moving On’ continues with the garage sound and, although a slower track, it shows Capital Youth have depth which is an excellent attribute for any band.

Chinatown’ climaxes with ‘Without You’, another belting punk rock tune. The five songs flow into each other naturally and this is a band who I can see getting much bigger over the next year or so.

It is a good thing to see a band doing things on their own terms and I would hope that Capital Youth keep up the momentum. The songs on here recall the very early days of punk when bands like The Ramones were playing their asses off at CBGB’s and building up their own following through word of mouth. They have a consistent feel to them where nothing ever sounds flat or boring. Highly Recommended.

If you want to make your own mind up, head over to https://capitalyouth.bandcamp.com/ and give it a listen.