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CASH REGISTERS – ’20th Century Eyes’ Review

CASH REGISTERS – 20th Century Eyes

cash-registersWhen we reviewed the Cash Registers earlier this year the 18 song Context Demos held the promise of a great deal more. 20th Century Eyes picks up where the former album left off and takes the band forward by quite a few paces. Most of the tracks are below 2 ½ minutes in length but each is able to leave a mark. The opening track Xbox Is Down pays homage to fellow New Yorkers, The Ramones with a straight in your face blistering punk rock classic.

As the track fades out, the title song 20th Century Eyes is introduced with a fast drumbeat and continues to drive forward in a powerful manner anchored by a well- played guitar solo. The Ramones come to mind again with the humorous Dad Can’t Hang In The Pit as the band serve up some rock n roll on speed!

The longest track of the twelve is the 2 minute 35 second Anti Social Behavior that channels the New York Dolls, The Damned and Bad Religion into one melodic and chaotic punk sing-along. The Cash Registers can certainly bang out a tune and this album moves them into tuneful territory with pop hooks and powerful chords. Working Poor is one of the stand-out tracks for me with a great guitar lick and those rock n roll vocals.

Old Man returns to the shorter format and changes it up as the vocals get a different treatment although the humor remains front and central in the lyrics and the laughs continue with Stripping for Christ displaying another sub two-minute power pop punk effort. Just when you’re settling in to the harmonious approach, the Cash Registers hit you with Daddy Was A Militia Man, a song that is fast, aggressive and in your face.

You Got Too Big For Your Doc Martens is a song title that Toy Dolls would be proud of and some of the guitar work would please Olga himself although it owes more to the Cramps than the North East of England!

The Cash Registers have a deep sense of melody and mesh several influences to craft a unique sound that is varied in execution from the almost western movie Beer Bottles from Heaven to the raw 52 second sprint of Repetition. They are interesting throughout the album and certainly worth your time…check out the band here: https://cashregistersnyc.bandcamp.com/


Track Listing

  1. Xbox is Down
  2. 20th Century Eyes
  3. Dad Can’t Hang in the Pit
  4. Anti-Social Behavior
  5. Working Poor
  6. Old Man
  7. Stripping for Christ
  8. Daddy Was a Militia Man
  9. You Got Too Big For Your Doc Martens
  10. Five Two One
  11. Beer Bottles From Heaven
  12. Repetition