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CASH REGISTERS – ‘Context Demos’ Review

CASH REGISTERS - Context DemosClocking in with 18 songs, New York City’s The Cash Registers album is a breathtaking listen. Most songs are under two minutes in length and seven are under a minute with the classic Short Attention Span hitting just four seconds on the stopwatch.

“Kojack” layers some punk vocals over the “wipe out” guitar riff. It quickly becomes apparent that the Cash Registers can back out a melodic punk tune and they are fast and tight. They fit nicely with NYC punk legends The Ramones.

The album opens with ‘Losing World’ which is reminiscent of Dinosaur Jnr and is a great track that battles to keep it together and introduces the dual vocal style that punks will recognize through bands like the Restarts.

The aural assault continues with ‘Be a friend’ – fifty-six seconds of punk heaven!

Despite the non-stop, fast paced nature of the album, each track is unique – the stand out ‘Lose My Head’ builds on the dual vocals and terrace chant chorus whist ‘91 reasons’ is more in your face hardcore if only for half a minute.

It’s an album where the band seem to be enjoying what they are doing and it comes across as they dip into melodic punk, some Toy Dolls like lyrics (“I Love Lillian, I want to Kiss Lillian…”) and, through to some Oi infused rabble rousers.

The final track, ‘All in the Past’ compares to a Stiff Little Fingers riff…This is a strong album with no bad songs in the full 18…good stuff!

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Track Listing

  1. All in the Past
  2. Vampire on my Block
  3. Break Up
  4. Haircut in NYC
  5. Who’s the Latest Serial Killer on the 7”?
  6. Kids With Guns
  7. If We Should Meet
  8. I Love Lillian
  9. After School Special
  10. 91 Reasons
  11. Lose My Head
  12. War Zone
  13. Another Depressed Punk Song
  14. Everything Tears Us Apart
  15. Kojack
  16. Short Attention Span
  17. Be a Friend
  18. Losing World
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