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CASSELS release video for “When Completing Handshakes”

CASSELS release video for “When Completing Handshakes”

CasselsArt-punk two-piece Cassels return today with their first new material since last year’s critically acclaimed debut LP “Epithet”. “When Completing Handshakes” furthers the band’s enigmatic sound, where smart, shifting rhythms and lyrical intelligence collude to create something that sounds like Cassels and Cassels alone. Out today on Big Scary Monsters, you can watch the video for the single below.

Guitarist and vocalist Jim Beck says the following of the song and video:

This song is essentially me taking the piss out of myself set to music. Specifically: ridiculing certain neurotic and anxious personality traits which I’m sure I share with many of you. I think it’s important to try and laugh at yourself. If you take yourself too seriously it’s easy to wallow in self-pity and over-analyse, whereas applying some humour can help to achieve some perspective.

Videos are annoying and dumb. The only videos I like tend to be the ones with proper budgets and professional film crews, which we don’t have, so we filmed this video in my living room and it cost us £0. I’ve been told I look like an axe murderer at the beginning, which wasn’t intentional.”

The band will play the following London headliner in support of the single:


The band will also tour mainland Europe with label mates Gender Roles later this month.