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CASTLE BLACK – ‘The Gods That Adored You’ EP Review

CASTLE BLACK – The Gods That Adored You

Castle BlackCastle Black is a Brooklyn-based band and they released their new five-song EP, The Gods That Adored You on June 29th. Their first EP, Find You There, was released in August 2015, with a follow-up single Dark Light: A Plague Revisited, released in May 2016.  A limited-edition lathe-cut record for their single Blind Curtain was released in April 2017, on Leesta Vall Sound Recordings. Their third studio EP, Trapped Under All You Know, was released in August 2017.

The opening track, Man On A Train channels The Pixies, The Breeders and other post-punk bands of the early 1990s but the female vocals are layered perfectly on a driving guitar and drum foundation. River begins in a deceptively slow and restrained manner but develops into a pulsating song with some excellent vocal and guitar interplay including a soaring solo at the halfway point…good stuff!

The third song, Sierra is more atmospheric with a rhythmic guitar lead in that explodes into faster sections before returning to the slower marching pace – there are some hints of Zounds and The Mob in the sound of this one. The penultimate song, A Cigarette, Saved is just over five minutes in length and opens with atmospheric, slowly strummed guitar, cymbals and, eventually plaintive vocals. The song unleashes into a wall of sound juxtaposed nicely with the stripped back sections to produce a clever overall package of indie music.

Closing with Linen, Castle Black extend the length to over five and a half minutes and they use the space to lay down a compelling riff and excellent vocal that builds layer upon layer to craft a song that has been played on repeat here as it burrows into your very soul.

Castle Black are attracting a great deal of attention and this release will do no harm to their fast-growing reputation.


Check out The Gods That Adored You here https://castleblack.bandcamp.com/album/the-gods-that-adored-you