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LAST RESERVES – ‘Bad Days’ EP Review

LAST RESERVES – 'Bad Days' EP Review

LAST RESERVES – Bad Days Liverpool based punk band, Last Reserves released their new EP, Bad Days on October 20thand it is a five-track beauty! The theme of the EP is to do with mental health, but there is also links to social media addiction and animal welfare

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MEAN CAESAR – ‘Mean Caesar’ EP Review

MEAN CAESAR – 'Mean Caesar' EP Review

MEAN CAESAR – Mean Caesar South London punker’s Mean Caesar have been tearing their way through the grimiest clubs and loudest bars South of the river since the start of 2018 and their eponymously titled debut EP shows that the touring has helped them hone their craft. The

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SMOKING POPES – ‘Into The Agony’ Album Review

SMOKING POPES – 'Into The Agony' Album Review

SMOKING POPES – Into The Agony Smoking Popes are from Chicago and were formed in 1991. The band’s signature sound is pop-infused indie-punk featuring the unique, crooning vocal stylings of lead singer Josh Caterer. Since their inception the band has released seven studio albums and has toured/shared

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COCKWOMBLE – ‘All Of The Money! None Of The Style’ EP Review

COCKWOMBLE – 'All Of The Money! None Of The Style' EP Review

COCKWOMBLE – All Of The Money! None Of The Style First things first, we like Cockwomble, we like them a lot! We reviewed their debut EP, Henchmen (read here), back in July and have been awaiting their follow up ever since. So, we were made up when their

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MR WU’s PIGS – ‘It Is What It Is’ Album Review

MR WU’s PIGS – 'It Is What It Is' Album Review

MR WU’s PIGS – It Is What It Is Hailing from the UK, Mr Wu’s Pigs have released a strong album full of fuzz guitar, lo-fi and garage elements. Blending the sounds of The Undertones, Husker Du and T-Rex, Mr Wu’s Pigs come straight out of the

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THE RUN UP – ‘Good Friends, Bad Luck’ EP Review

THE RUN UP – 'Good Friends, Bad Luck' EP Review

THE RUN UP – Good Friends, Bad Luck Good Friends, Bad Luck is not only the title of The Run Up’s newest five-track offering, as the Bristol-based melodic punks take inspiration from making the best out of terrible situations, friendships and being true to yourself. The band’s

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30 MILES – ‘Short Tales For Braves’ Album Review

30 MILES – 'Short Tales For Braves' Album Review

30 MILES – Short Tales For Braves Disconnect Disconnect Records have signed Italy’s long running melodic punk/skate-punk band, 30 Miles to their roster for the release of their new record Short Tales For Braves. The album was released a couple of weeks ago and opens with some

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BITTER GROUNDS – ‘Two Sides Of Hope’ Album Review

BITTER GROUNDS – 'Two Sides Of Hope' Album Review

BITTER GROUNDS – Two Sides Of Hope Bitter Grounds is a four-piece punk and ska band formed in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 2015. The band makes dynamic use of alternating dual vocals, backed up by straightforward guitars, edgy solos, and pumping bass lines and drums. Bitter Grounds has made

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DEATH VALLEY GIRLS – ‘Darkness Rains’ Album Review

DEATH VALLEY GIRLS – 'Darkness Rains' Album Review

DEATH VALLEY GIRLS – Darkness Rains Death Valley Girls are, at their core, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Bonnie Bloomgarden and guitarist Larry Schemel. On their third album Darkness Rains, the guitars are fuzzy, vocals insistent and experimentation alive. The opening track, More Dead, moves along with a rhythmic guitar and drum

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ALL THEM WITCHES – ATW All Them Witches are a band from Nashville, Tennessee who play a thunderous mix of hard rock, dark neo-blues, and heady psychedelia. ATW is their fifth full-length LP and was released a couple of weeks ago. The band have announced a lengthy US headlining

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MILKMEN – ‘Milkmen’ Album Review

MILKMEN – 'Milkmen' Album Review

MILKMEN – Milkmen Milkmen is a post indie rock pop jazz experimental punk trio from New Brunswick, NJ. After releasing a few singles, Milkmen self-released their debut self-titled album, recorded at The Kaleidoscope in Lancaster, PA with producer Kory Gable, on December 25, 2015. Know Hope Records have

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ONE HIDDEN FRAME/THOUSAND OAKS – Antipodes Split EP Disconnect Disconnect Records have released the new split EP between two of Europe’s finest skatepunk /melodic hardcore bands: Finland’s One Hidden Frame and Italy’s Thousand Oaks. The first two songs on this split EP are delivered by One Hidden

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