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THE FALLOUT – ‘Raise Your Flag And Other Anthems’ EP

THE FALLOUT – 'Raise Your Flag And Other Anthems' EP

THE FALLOUT – Raise Your Flag And Other Anthems The Fallout describe their sound as “straight-up, stripped-down politically-charged punk rock that’s got backbone and backbeat” and they are dead on the money. Their latest four-track EP, Raise Your Flag And Other Anthems, sees the Toronto, Canada based band

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PLIERS – ‘Staffbeersport’ EP Review

PLIERS – 'Staffbeersport' EP Review

PLIERS – Staffbeersport Pliers hail from the eastern end of the Ukraine but they relocated to Kiev after Russia illegally invaded their region. The band created this single by taking three songs from different periods of their life and combining them together. The first song, He Cnexy barges

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STADT SKULLS – ‘Against The Cult Of The Reptile God’ EP

STADT SKULLS – 'Against The Cult Of The Reptile God' EP

STADT SKULLS – Against The Cult Of The Reptile God Liverpool three-piece punk band, Stadt Skulls, have recently released their first EP, Against The Cult Of The Reptile God,(they released a single in 2016) and the four tracks are packed with energy and creativity. The opening song,

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DEVILS TEETH – ‘Suki Yaki Hot!’ Album Review

DEVILS TEETH – 'Suki Yaki Hot!' Album Review

DEVILS TEETH – Suki Yaki Hot! In 2016, like a thousand bored, out-of-shape dudes before them, three Milwaukee friends started a band, Devils Teeth. The band recently surfaced with ten songs that blend the reverb-drenched energy of surf rock with the dissonance of post-punk and the theatrics

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FELONS – ‘Creeps’ EP Review

FELONS – 'Creeps' EP Review

FELONS – Creeps Felons have just recorded and released their debut EP, Creeps.The band are based in Essex in the UK and the five track EP opens with the title track, Creeps with its raw DIY sound full of anger and power with some relationship to early UK82

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VERTICAL NOISE – ‘It’s Not What You Think’ EP Review

VERTICAL NOISE – 'It’s Not What You Think' EP Review

VERTICAL NOISE – It’s Not What You Think Vertical Noise are a trio of from Nottingham (UK) and they have just released their EP, It’s Not What You Thinkon the 10th of August across all major digital platforms. The six-tracker opens with a few seconds of sampled dance

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TIME FOR ACTION – ‘Turn It Up’ Album Review

TIME FOR ACTION – 'Turn It Up' Album Review

TIME FOR ACTION – Turn It Up Formed in Manchester 2017 by Simon Burton (guitar) & Warren Dermody (vocals) and joined by brothers Neil Pleasant (bass) & Keith Pleasant (drums), Time For Action have released an absolutely incredible album. Stating influences such as: Stiff Little Fingers, Undertones, Stooges,

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AJJ – ‘Ugly Spiral: Lost Works: 2012-2016’ Album Review

AJJ - 'Ugly Spiral: Lost Works: 2012-2016' Album Review

AJJ – Ugly Spiral – Lost Works: 2012-2016 Over the last fifteen years, AJJ have achieved incredible success solely on the back of their songwriting, and the uncompromising clarity of their lyrics. At the end of 2017 they celebrated the ten-year anniversary of 2007’s People Who Can Eat

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THE BENEFIT CHEATS – ‘Darwenism’ Album Review

THE BENEFIT CHEATS – 'Darwenism' Album Review

THE BENEFIT CHEATS – Darwenism The Benefit Cheats hail from Kingston Upon Thames, UK, and have been at it in a variety of bands for a while. Their album Darwenism is out now and the excellent Trump bashing Shit Gibbon lays some direct attack lyrics on top of some

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THE ADDISONS – ‘Here It Comes Again’ EP Review

THE ADDISONS – 'Here It Comes Again' EP Review

THE ADDISONS – Here It Comes Again The Addisons will release their EP on August 9th on Torture Chamber Records. The band is from Chicago and features ex-members of Dan Vapid and The Cheats, Smoking Popes, Noise By Numbers and more. The EP was also produced by Mike

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dragSTER – ‘Anti-Everything’ Album Review

dragSTER – 'Anti-Everything' Album Review

dragSTER – Anti-Everything The much-anticipated fourth dragSTER album will finally be released on Louder Than War Records label on Friday 17th of August, 2018. The Coventry (UK) based five piece have gained a worldwide unique cult-like following thanks to their enigmatic B-Movie inspired style of songwriting and adrenaline

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TUSCOMA – ‘Arkhitecturenominus’ Album Review

TUSCOMA - 'Arkhitecturenominus' Album Review

TUSCOMA – Arkhitecturenominus Wellington New Zealand’s, Tuscoma will release their first album Arkhitecturenominuson Antena Krzyku Records on the 16th of August 2018. The band state that they are “Leaving behind their fun-loving past, turning over a new leaf and tapping into blistering blackened punk.” The New Zealand duo have

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