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HALF PAST TWO – ‘Camp Slushtone’ Review

HALF PAST TWO – 'Camp Slushtone' Review

HALF PAST TWO – Camp Slushtone CA-based ska/pop-punk band, Half Past Two, have just sent through their latest EP, Camp Slushtone. The seven tracker opens with Proximity and it is a full on start with fast-paced guitars, brass section, bass and drums creating a wall of sound

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SUBTASTICS– ‘BetaMales’ EP Review

SUBTASTICS– 'BetaMales' EP Review

SUBTASTICS– BetaMales Maryland’s Subtastics recently released their six-track EP on Snubbed Records. The opening track, 8-Bitter, with its 1970’s punk chords played at maximum volume helps create a monster song. It reminded me a little of the UK Subs, Chelsea and Infa-Riot with group vocals contributing to

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POSTSCRIPT – ‘Black Blood’ EP Review

POSTSCRIPT – 'Black Blood' EP Review

POSTSCRIPT – Black Blood Australian punkers Postscript have just released a cracking three track EP, Black Blood. The release hit our inbox with little fanfare allowing the music to speak for itself. The band has a skate-punk vibe full of melody, hooks, pace and power. The opening

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FILTHY MILITIA – ‘Innocent Until Proven Filthy’ EP Review

FILTHY MILITIA – 'Innocent Until Proven Filthy' EP Review

FILTHY MILITIA – Innocent Until Proven Filthy Ska punk band, Filthy Militia, have just announced their debut EP, Innocent Until Proven Filthy that will be released in early February 2018. The four tracks open with some brass instruments that breaks into a ska-punk rhythm and melodic vocal.

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AIWASS – ‘Prelude To A Psychodrama’ Review

AIWASS – 'Prelude To A Psychodrama' Review

AIWASS – Prelude To A Psychodrama Originally active from 1996-1999, these Phoenix, Arizona-based dark rockers are back with a vengeance. Blending elements of punk, grunge, and alternative, Aiwass have compiled all their old hits into the debut LP that has been on the cards for decades. Prelude

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THE STRAYS – ‘Never Tweet Your Heroes’ EP Review

THE STRAYS – 'Never Tweet Your Heroes' EP Review

THE STRAYS – Never Tweet Your Heroes The Strays have just released their brand-new EP Never Tweet Your Heroes’ (good title that!) Since releasing the excellent Explicit Content back in July, they have giggled relentlessly culminating with a massive New Year’s Eve headlining show with two sets

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SKETCHY TRENCH – Fish Hailing from San Antonio, TX, Sketchy Trench have just released their new 4-track EP, Fish. The melodic vocals dominate the excellent opener, News but that does not mean that the pounding drums and power chords are not prominent. The band ply their trade

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THOUSAND OAKS and TOO CLOSE TO SEE – Memories & Milestones

THOUSAND OAKS and TOO CLOSE TO SEE – Memories & Milestones

THOUSAND OAKS and TOO CLOSE TO SEE – Memories & Milestones On January 19th, Disconnect Disconnect Records released the new split album Memories & Milestones between Italy’s Thousand Oaks and Japan’s Too Close To See. The release is a prelude to more new music from both bands, with Too Close

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SLOW BLOOM – ‘Hex, Hex, Hex’ EP Review

SLOW BLOOM – 'Hex, Hex, Hex' EP Review

SLOW BLOOM – Hex, Hex, Hex Northern California based alternative/noise-rock band Slow Bloom’s upcoming EP, Hex Hex Hex, which will be released by No Sleep Records on January 26th. The five track EP opens with some foreboding feedback that suggests some very heavy music to follow but, instead, we

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THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE ZUGLY – Misanthropical House

THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE ZUGLY – Misanthropical House

THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE ZUGLY – Misanthropical House The Good the Bad and the Zugly (or GBZ) are probably Norway’s best-kept punk rock secret. They hail from Hadeland and claim to “carry the torch of Turbonegro, Gluecifer and Anal Babes and remind us of a

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REPTILIANS FROM ANDROMEDA – ‘Dialogues For Monkeys’ Review

REPTILIANS FROM ANDROMEDA – 'Dialogues For Monkeys' Review

REPTILIANS FROM ANDROMEDA – Dialogues For Monkeys Istanbul Garage punk band Reptilians From Andromeda released their new album Dialogues For Monkeys on the 22nd of January. The debut album contains 10 songs of life, death, truth and lies, love, lust, drugs and revolution. The album was mixed

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PIZZATRAMP – ‘Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan’ Review

PIZZATRAMP – 'Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan' Review

PIZZATRAMP – Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan TNSrecords have brought together four Pizzatramp EPs on a new record to showcase the band. The album, Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan Plus 13 Songs features their most recent EP on side A with a compilation of the best tracks

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