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YOU BIG IDIOT – ‘Mega Donair’ Album Review

YOU BIG IDIOT – 'Mega Donair' Album Review

YOU BIG IDIOT – Mega Donair Vancouver punk rockers You Big Idiot released their new album, Mega Donair on April 20th. This 12-track album is packed with fast and fun skate punk guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The excellent Gimme All The Sauces is

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THE DANSE SOCIETY – ‘Futurist’ EP Review

THE DANSE SOCIETY – 'Futurist' EP Review

THE DANSE SOCIETY – Futurist Legendary goth-punk band, The Danse Society is back with a three track EP and they are planning to release a 7th album later this year. The band have had their fair share of legal issues detailed on their website but these 3-tracks are

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REUTHER – ‘Like A Ghost’ Album Review

REUTHER – 'Like A Ghost' Album Review

REUTHER – Like A Ghost Hailing from Detroit, ​Reuther ​is a band that rose from the ashes of the former projects of the founding members James Vee and Daniel Stover. Having spent years touring the US with their former band, Forty Lashes, they ultimately wanted to continue the

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GRAVVES – ‘Oh The Joy’ EP Review

GRAVVES – 'Oh The Joy' EP Review

GRAVVES – Oh The Joy On April 27th, North Wales noise merchants GRAVVES will release their new six-song EP, Oh, The Joy, which is available to order now. The opening track, Power Bomb Baby, begins with some garbled computerized vocals before literally exploding into a wall of sound,

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W.O.M.B. – ‘Soundtrack For A Heated Conversation’ EP 

W.O.M.B. – 'Soundtrack For A Heated Conversation' EP 

W.O.M.B. – Soundtrack For A Heated Conversation  WOMB (War On Man Babies) have been active in the hardcore/punk scene (under- and above-ground) for decades as musicians, artists, writers, fanzine producers, and organizers. Some of their past bands/projects include Collapse, Social Werq, Trailhead, Orange 9mm, Burn, 108, and

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MELTING COFFIN – ‘Melting Coffin’ EP Review

MELTING COFFIN – 'Melting Coffin' EP Review

MELTING COFFIN – Melting Coffin New Orleans/Baton Rouge-based Rock N’ Roll band Melting Coffin released their debut Self-titled EP on March 23rd. The five-track EP has a raw Garage Rock N’ Roll sound with hints of Psych, Punk, and Classic Rock. The opener, I Am is driven

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NO LIARS – ‘The Cause And The Cure’ Album Review

NO LIARS – 'The Cause And The Cure' Album Review

NO LIARS – The Cause And The Cure The Cause & The Cure is the new album from No Liars. The post punk/post hardcore band hail from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and this eleven-track album opens with the expansive Freedom Regime where angry vocals are driven on

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THE ESTABLISHMENT – ‘Vicious Rumours’ Album Review

THE ESTABLISHMENT – 'Vicious Rumours' Album Review

THE ESTABLISHMENT – Vicious Rumours Dutch punk/post punk band, The Establishment have released their debut album, Vicious Rumours. The build up to the powerful opening track, Rabies leads to numerous vocals competing for ascendency as the song crafts an energetic and chaotic wall of sound full of

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SMALL WARS – ‘Small Wars’ EP

SMALL WARS – 'Small Wars' EP

SMALL WARS – Small Wars  Small Wars from Tennessee released their debut EP, Small Wars, on April 20th via Indie Vision Music. The outfit brings together the best of indie and punk rock, creating a sound ripe with appeal for the modern day alternative fan, as well

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THE RAGING NATHANS – ‘Cheap Fame’ Album Review

THE RAGING NATHANS – 'Cheap Fame' Album Review

THE RAGING NATHANS – Cheap Fame The Raging Nathans, are punk rock collective out of Dayton, Ohio, featuring members of The Queers, The Dopamines and The Slow Death. They will release their second album Cheap Fame through UK label, Plasterer Records this month. In support, the band

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THE HYENA KILL – ‘Spun’ EP Review 

THE HYENA KILL – 'Spun' EP Review 

THE HYENA KILL – Spun  Manchester, UK duo, The Hyena Kill are garnering a lot of positive reviews and their new EP, Spun, will be released on April 23rd.  The opening track, Exit Mask, combines a massive, crunchy guitar with hammering drums. The choruses are just epic

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WIRED FOR HAVOC – ‘I Don’t Belong Here’ Album Review

WIRED FOR HAVOC – 'I Don’t Belong Here' Album Review

WIRED FOR HAVOC – I Don’t Belong Here Hailing from Utah, Wired For Havoc has released their new album on Manic Kat Records called I Don’t Belong Here. From the booming drumbeat opening Atmosphere, to the melodic vocals and pop/punk guitar chords, these folks channel the likes

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