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FALSE ARCHETYPES – ‘Still Standing’ EP Review

FALSE ARCHETYPES – 'Still Standing' EP Review

FALSE ARCHETYPES – Still Standing Antwerp, Belgium based band False Archetypes have released their debut EP ‘Still Standing‘. The band has been together for four years playing across Belgium and the debut consists of five tracks combining female vocals with heavy guitar riffs and catchy melodies. Opening

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MISE*EN*SCENE – ‘One Way’ EP Review

MISE*EN*SCENE – 'One Way' EP Review

MISE*EN*SCENE – One Way Every now and again, as we review hundreds of albums here at Punk Online, you get one that just makes everybody look up, walk over, turn up the volume and then just break into wide smiles. The new six track EP from perennial

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COLUMBUS – ‘Next To Me’ EP Review

COLUMBUS – 'Next To Me' EP Review

COLUMBUS – Next To Me Self-professed as “Brisbane Australia’s happiest punks”, Columbus have announced they will release their new EP Next To Me on April 28 . The five-track EP features a brand new single Next To Me as well as a selection of Columbus’ catalogue reimagined acoustically. The band headed into the

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TRUE MOON – Self Titled Album Review

TRUE MOON - Self Titled Album Review

TRUE MOON – True Moon Hailing from Malmo, Sweden, True Moon will release their self-titled debut album on April 28th via Lövely Records. A new outlet of expression for Karolina Engdahl (vocals/bass) and Tommy Tift (guitar), colleagues in Swedish melodic punk/dark pop collective Vånna Inget, True Moon

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HOWLS – ‘Headache’ Album Review

HOWLS - 'Headache' Album Review

HOWLS – Headache Howls from Brighton release their debut album The Headache on Friday April 28th. From the opening dirty guitar chords that develop into a full in your face build of the track, it’s clear that we are in for something special. Like a cross between the

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WILDING – ‘Secular Music’ EP Review

WILDING - 'Secular Music' EP Review

WILDING – Secular Music Los Angeles trio Wilding release their debut EP Secular Music via Friendship Fever on 28th April. Originally from Modesto, California, Wilding frontman, Dave Woody emerged from the same scene that launched Grandaddy. As frontman of Fiver and he garnered a long list of accolades

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TURBULENT HEARTS – Self Titled Album Review

TURBULENT HEARTS - Self Titled Album Review

TURBULENT HEARTS – Self Titled Turbulent Hearts certainly pack a punch and from the opening “1-2-3-4” of Panic they launch into some full on punk rock. Fast bass and drums are soon joined by Suzi Moon on guitar and vocals who delivers in a similar vein to

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SIBYL VANE – ‘Sybil Vane’ Album Review

SIBYL VANE – 'Sybil Vane' Album Review

SIBYL VANE – Sybil Vane Every now and then we get to review an album that silences the office in awe from the moment that the needle hits the first groove. The self-titled new release from Estonia’s Sibyl Vane (named after an Oscar Wilde character) provided one

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IDLES – ‘Brutalism’ Album Review

IDLES – 'Brutalism' Album Review

IDLES – Brutalism It’s not often that we do this here at Punk Online but we have been listening and repeat listening for almost a month to this superb album. From Bristol, England, Idles have been building quite a reputation since they formed in 2010 and their

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BOSS HOG – ‘Brood X’ Album Review

BOSS HOG – 'Brood X' Album Review

BOSS HOG – Brood X Boss Hog released their latest (and first for many, many years) album in late March. The band have been “resting” since 2008 but they return with a strong album full of garage rock meets the B-52s meets Sisters of Mercy! Opening with

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TRAGICAL HISTORY TOUR – ‘Come On Home, Hero’ Single Review

TRAGICAL HISTORY TOUR – 'Come On Home, Hero' Single Review

TRAGICAL HISTORY TOUR – Come On Home, Hero Tragical History Tour is the solo acoustic pseudonym of Dundee based singer/songwriter Derrick Johnston. As the front man of Scottish punk rock bands Uniforms and Joey Terryfying, and founder of Scottish DIY label Make That a Take Records, Derrick

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FOR I AM – ‘All About Perspectives’ Album Review

FOR I AM – 'All About Perspectives' Album Review

FOR I AM – All About Perspectives Remember For I Am? Yes, this female-fronted pop-punk band out of Belgium is still around. They briefly considered calling it a day following the release of their debut EP, “15 Minutes Late”, so they could plan a profitable reunion further down

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