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VULPYNES – ‘Vulpynes’ EP Review

VULPYNES – 'Vulpynes' EP Review

VULPYNES – Vulpynes The Vulpynes have announced their new self-titled EP which was released on March 1st. For a two-piece band (seems to be a big trend nowadays) they make a lot of noise. The band formed less than two years ago and the track, OCD, is

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THE FUN DIE YOUNG – ‘Unfairground’ EP Review

THE FUN DIE YOUNG – 'Unfairground' EP Review

THE FUN DIE YOUNG – Unfairground The Fun Die Young play catchy, fast paced pop-punk. For fans of Creeper, The Offspring and Teenage Bottlerocket, they release their new EP Unfairground on the1st March. Opening with The One, this five-tracker displays a super catchy set of melodies and

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DISTURBANCE – ‘Tox Populi’ Album Review

DISTURBANCE – 'Tox Populi' Album Review

DISTURBANCE – Tox Populi Formed by elementary school friends in the nineties, Disturbance is a high-energy/low-life punk band from the Netherlands. Their new 15 track album, Tox Populi is released on March 3rd and opens with the strange yet familiar UK82 punk sounds of the title track

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THE SHELL CORPORATION – ‘Fucked’ Album Review

THE SHELL CORPORATION - 'Fucked' Album Review

THE SHELL CORPORATION – Fucked When you get a bio of a band that is as succinct as this:  “The Shell Corporation are a punk band from Burbank, California. They release records and tour a lot.” You know you are in for something different and Fucked is

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COLD YEARS – ‘Northern Blue’ EP Review

COLD YEARS – 'Northern Blue' EP Review

COLD YEARS – Northern Blue Aberdeen, Scotland-based rock band Cold Years announce a brand-new EP, Northern Blue set for release on 2nd March 2018. It is a collection of stunning songwriting with their UK take on the Americana of Bruce that has since been adopted by contemporaries like The Gaslight Anthem

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SEA LILIES – ‘Soonest’ EP Review

SEA LILIES – 'Soonest' EP Review

SEA LILIES – Soonest Baltimore’s Sea Lilies release their six-track EP Soonest on February 28th. The opening song, Answer Her is sub three-minute power-punk package with hooks to the left and right temples and a Joy Division meets Bad Religion vibe. It is followed by the super-fast

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THIRTEEN – ‘Spirit Of Resistance’ EP Review

THIRTEEN – 'Spirit Of Resistance' EP Review

THIRTEEN – Spirit Of Resistance Some great old school punk rock from Falkirk, Scotland based Thirteen is on display with this new six-track EP release. The title track, Spirit Of Resistance sounds as fresh and angry as anything I have heard in a long while. The group

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LEAGUE OF PITY – ‘Outrage!’ Album Review

LEAGUE OF PITY – 'Outrage!' Album Review

LEAGUE OF PITY – Outrage! New York Punks, League of Pity have recently released a great album. The opening track Illegal Alien is a cascading roller coaster of a punk rock track with the rhythm section driving along a 150 mph delivery. The band has a DIY

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OH SEE DEMONS – ‘Personal Issues’ Album Review

OH SEE DEMONS – 'Personal Issues' Album Review

OH SEE DEMONS – Personal Issues Norwegian punk rock band, Oh See Demons have released their debut album, Personal Issues on February 23rd. The eleven tracks begin with Don’t Forget Me, a melodic skate-punk powerhouse of a track propelled by a booming bass and chunky riffs. Sounding

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TEMPLETON PEK – ‘Watching The World Come Undone’ Review

TEMPLETON PEK – 'Watching The World Come Undone' Review

TEMPLETON PEK – Watching The World Come Undone Celebrating their ten-year anniversary as a signed band, Birmingham-based punks Templeton Pek have just released their 5th studio album, Watching The World Come Undone. The band started the writing process before the Brexit vote and before Trump came to

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MIDWICH CUCKOOS – ‘We Are Everywhere’ Album Review

MIDWICH CUCKOOS – 'We Are Everywhere' Album Review

MIDWICH CUCKOOS – We Are Everywhere International punk collective Midwich Cuckoos are pleased to announce their debut album We Are Everywhere which will be released 23rdFebruary 2018 via Onslaught Music. Patch Barbet (ex-Monsters In The Attic) had an intriguing idea. What would happen if he sent his work-in-progress tracks to various musician friends, who then

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THE PEARL HARTS – ‘Glitter and Spit’ Album Review

THE PEARL HARTS – 'Glitter and Spit' Album Review

THE PEARL HARTS – Glitter and Spit Glitter and Spit is the highly anticipated debut album by rock duo The Pearl Harts; twelve energetic songs packed with hooks, riffs and messages of positivity, strength and empowerment. The album opens with a dirty blues guitar riff, interchanging vocals of the

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