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LARK – ‘Blink’ plus Interview

LARK - 'Blink' plus Interview

LARK – An Interview with Karl Bielik The main man behind Lark is Karl Bielik, an accomplished artist as well as musician. We at Punk Online have recently reviewed two Lark albums, Funny Man and Funny Man – The Remixes. Blink is the third CD and is a re-release

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NATTERERS – ‘Demo ’16’ E.P. Review

NATTERERS - 'Demo '16' E.P. Review

NATTERERS – Demo ‘16 Natterers are named after a species of bat and they are very focused on eco-issues throughout the excellent Demo ’16 (a 4 –track EP that is well produced and sounds great despite the name). If you like some variety in your punk rock

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THIS LITTLE BADGE – ‘Pass It On’ E.P. Review

THIS LITTLE BADGE - 'Pass It On' E.P. Review

THIS LITTLE BADGE – Pass It On This Little Badge from New Zealand have released their first EP ‘Pass It On’ – a collection of six new songs. Band leader Dave Pope moved down under from London and there is a distinctly British feel to the songs on

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THEATRE OF HATE – ‘Kinshi’ Album Review

THEATRE OF HATE - 'Kinshi' Album Review

THEATRE OF HATE – Kinshi Crowd funded via the Pledge Music platform, Theatre of Hate have released their new album and you will not be disappointed! From the opening guitar chords and John Leonard’s saxophone of Black Irony I am catapulted back to the early 1980’s as

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THE PATIENT – ‘Unite as One’ Album Review

THE PATIENT - 'Unite as One' Album Review

THE PATIENT – Unite as One Opening with a bunch of disparate voices coming together to chant “Unite as One”, The Patient launch into an “in your face” Gallows style vocals over some serious and aggressive punk rock. This is all out hardcore and is followed by

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MONICA AND THE EXPLOSION – ‘Less Frenetic’ Album Review

MONICA AND THE EXPLOSION - 'Less Frenetic' Album Review

MONICA AND THE EXPLOSION – Less Frenetic The new acoustic album by Monica and the Explosion, albeit Monica Welander, is a real treat that demands your attention throughout and isn’t content as some background music at a dinner party like some solo projects. Less Frenetic kicks off with 9

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CADAVERS – ‘Death & Taxes’ Album Review

CADAVERS - 'Death & Taxes' Album Review

CADAVERS – Death and Taxes Hailing from the great city of Sheffield, the Cadavers have released a splendid debut album.  Opening with excellent Fashion Kills, a track that marries Rudimentary Peni style guitar and rhythm section with a Gallows style vocal, it is a song that sets

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THE MEKONS – ‘Existentialism’ Review

THE MEKONS - 'Existentialism' Review

THE MEKONS – Existentialism Full disclosure, I love The Mekons. I always have. Existentialism opens with a track that would be fully at home and welcomed on a PiL album with its driving bass line and echo infused vocals. Even the vocals on Flowers of Evil, Pt.

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BURNOUT-13 – ‘No Brainer’ Review

BURNOUT-13 - 'No Brainer' Review

BURNOUT-13 – No Brainer With a 15-year-old lead vocalist and guitarist backed by the relative veterans (aged 18 and 17) on drums and bass, Burnout-13 from Somerset in the West Country of England are a punk band from the NoFX, Sum41 genre. Their album, No Brainer opens

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WONK UNIT – ‘Mr Splashy’ Review

WONK UNIT - 'Mr Splashy' Review

WONK UNIT – Mr Splashy Opening with a vocal “ba ba, baa, baadabbadddaaa aaa” (or something like that!) you know you’re in for something different and Awful Jeans is excellent lyrically with a great brass section adding to the melody and the power. I Told You So

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THE DOUBLECROSS – ‘Keep Bleeding’ Album Review

THE DOUBLECROSS - 'Keep Bleeding' Album Review

THE DOUBLECROSS – Keep Bleeding The opening track of the forthcoming album from The Doublecross takes me right into Husker Du territory. One More Time is a terrific song with melody, layered guitars and a heartily delivered vocal. The Doublecross is actually Jon Greenwood and Keep Bleeding

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CHRON GEN – ‘This is the Age’ Review

CHRON GEN - 'This is the Age' Review

CHRON GEN – This is the Age Hot on the heels of the first Anti-Pasti release in decades comes the first studio album in 32 years from fellow Apocalypse Now band, Chron Gen. Back in those days, Chron Gen were a little bit different than other UK82

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