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NEAT MENTALS – ‘Humanoid’ Album Review

NEAT MENTALS – 'Humanoid' Album Review

NEAT MENTALS – Humanoid The Neat Mentals from Stuttgart, Germany just released their first LP Humanoid at the end of 2018 on Flight 13 Records. The band describe their sound as “77 Punk – garage punk” and the opening track, Behaviour has elements of both as it travels along with

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AGADOR SPARTACUS – ‘Agastonishing’ Review

AGADOR SPARTACUS – 'Agastonishing' Review

AGADOR SPARTACUS – Agastonishing Based in the Ruhr area of Germany and Hamburg, Agador Spartacus have released two EPs so far and play a mix of punk, alternative and “post-something rock.” Their 3rd EP, Agastonishing was released on January 14th and contains seven tracks packed with creativity

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KOFFIN KIDS – ‘Sweet Home’ EP Review

KOFFIN KIDS – 'Sweet Home' EP Review

KOFFIN KIDS – Sweet Home Koffin Kids are a punk rock band from Rotherham in the north of England and they released their new EP Sweet Home, along with a music video on January the 5th. The blistering three-track effort opens with Itchy Tasty where a lone power

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DOG COMPANY – ‘High Hopes In Hard Times’ Review

DOG COMPANY – 'High Hopes In Hard Times' Review

DOG COMPANY – High Hopes In Hard Times Dog Company are a Dallas, TX based punk band and, late last year, they released an absolutely scorchingly hot album, High Hopes In Hard Times. The band formed in 2006 and cite influences from Bad Religion to Cock Sparrer

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THE LYNCH – ‘Everything Ends’ Review

THE LYNCH – 'Everything Ends' Review

THE LYNCH – Everything Ends The Lynch are a Turkish band from Istanbul. Their new album, Everything Ends is out and can be downloaded on the Bandcamp link below and is available on Spotify. This album, which was prepared in six months, was recorded live in three hours with

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BURNOUT – ‘Inside’ Album Review

BURNOUT – 'Inside' Album Review

BURNOUT – Inside Burnout (previously known as Burnout-13) formed at school in 2013. They released their first album, No Brainer in 2016 and had the single, None to Lose played on BBC Radio 6 a number of times. Their second album, Inside was released on 11th Jan 2019. Burnout are based in

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RADAR STATE – ‘Strays’ Review

RADAR STATE – 'Strays' Review

RADAR STATE – Strays Kansas City, MO’s Radar State, made up of emo/indie rock heroes Matt Pryor and Jim Suptic (The Get Up Kids), Josh Berwanger (The Anniversary/Berwanger) and Adam Phillips (The Architects/The Gadjits) – have announced a January 11threlease date of their debut LP, Strays. The

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DEAD TO THE WORLD – ‘Fire’ EP Review

DEAD TO THE WORLD – 'Fire' EP Review

DEAD TO THE WORLD – Fire Dead To The World are a street punk band from Houston, Texas focused on writing fast, heavy tunes that a crowd and sing along to. They have shared the stage with some of the top punk bands out there such as Bad

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REACTION – ‘Keep It Weird Keep It Wired’ Review

REACTION – 'Keep It Weird Keep It Wired' Review

REACTION – Keep It Weird Keep It Wired The second album from Reaction was released late last year on Tarbeach Records of New York and is the follow up to 2016’s Accelerator which was the band’s first record, thirty-eight years after originally splitting up. Reaction were born out of the

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HAERDSMAELTA – ‘Gone In Grey’ Review

HAERDSMAELTA – 'Gone In Grey' Review

HAERDSMAELTA – Gone In Grey Swedish atomic punk trio Haerdsmaelta just released their Gone In Grey EP which is the third EP in their debut trilogy. The band features members from well-known Swedish metal/punk/hard rock bands such as F.K.Ü., Snuffed by the Yakuza, and Lou Siffer and the Howling

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MATT HALL – ‘Slave Task’ Review

MATT HALL – 'Slave Task' Review

MATT HALL – Slave Task Matt Hall is a singer songwriter who released his first solo EP on January 4th. Hall has been playing in punk bands for around fifteen years wanted to put together some songs that made him feel the same spark when he first discovered

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LÅGËRSHØP – ‘English Pigs’ EP Review

LÅGËRSHØP – 'English Pigs' EP Review

LÅGËRSHØP – English Pigs LÅGËRSHØP were “born” in Karlstad, “raised” in Milton Keynes and cite the likes of Rancid, Millencolin, NOFX and Idles as influences. The band formed in November 2017and built a great reputation with some solid live performances. Their English Pigs EP is out now

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