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ULTRA RAZZIA – Self-Titled Album Review

ULTRA RAZZIA – Self-Titled Album Review

ULTRA RAZZIA – Self-Titled Ultra Razzia hail from Quebec, Canada and three of the four members played (or still play) in The Prowlers (An Oi! Band from Montréal since 1998) and they play French Oi!/Street Punk. The chunky guitar chords that usher in Transport Au Cerveau set up

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OXYGEN THIEF – ‘Confusion Species’ Album Review

OXYGEN THIEF – 'Confusion Species' Album Review

OXYGEN THIEF – Confusion Species It’s been just over four years since the release of Oxygen Thief’s second album, The Half-Life Of Facts, and the world has changed a lot in that time. In fact, a lot has changed since Barry Dolan started the project in Bristol,

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SLOVENIANS – ‘Al Dente’ Album Review

SLOVENIANS – 'Al Dente' Album Review

SLOVENIANS – Al Dente Slovenians is a Belgian punk rock band from Brussels, active since 2012. Known for their blistering delivery and firecracker front man, Slovenians melds punk influences such as The Dead Kennedy’s and Minor Threat. Tragically, in July 2017, just one month after the release of Al

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THE DOMESTICS/PIZZATRAMP – ‘Discipline’ (Split EP) Review

THE DOMESTICS/PIZZATRAMP – 'Discipline' (Split EP) Review

THE DOMESTICS/PIZZATRAMP – Discipline (Split EP) With just under two minutes covering six tracks (three each from The Domestics and Pizzatramp), Discipline could be described as a concept record, a totally stupid record? a disciplined record? Or maybe all three (this description was borrowed from TNS Records PR!) Discipline matches

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THE BARE MINIMUM – ‘Where The Buses Don’t Come’ Review

THE BARE MINIMUM – 'Where The Buses Don’t Come' Review

THE BARE MINIMUM – Where The Buses Don’t Come Toronto punk band The Bare Minimum are releasing their seven-track EP, ‘Where the Buses Don’t Come‘ on November 2, 2018. The fifty-six second opener, Safe Bet is a rollicking, raucous rocker with some hellish riffs and superb vocals creating

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WAYKOPP – ‘Too Loud, Too Old’ Album Review

WAYKOPP – 'Too Loud, Too Old' Album Review

WAYKOPP – Too Loud, Too Old Formed in the southern French city of Pau in 2013, Waykopp branched out with a tour of Canada earlier this year and now have a new album released called Too Loud, Too Old. With some ambient sounds from what I think is

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ALIEN SEX FIEND – ‘Possessed’ Album Review

ALIEN SEX FIEND - 'Possessed' Album Review

ALIEN SEX FIEND – Possessed Alien Sex Fiend have been plying their goth-punk trade for thirty-five years and have just released their brand-new studio album, Possessed. This is the first new album since 2010’s hugely successful Death Trip. The album will be Issued on CD and gatefold Double

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VOLVER – ‘Burning Bridges’ Album Review

VOLVER – 'Burning Bridges' Album Review

VOLVER – Burning Bridges Burning Bridges is the first release from Volver, a Swedish punk rock band formed by members of OldFashioned Ideas and Gatans Lag. The album was released a few weeks ago and is available via AMTY Records on all common digital platforms. The engaging, rolling

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GOLDBLUME – ‘Husk’ Album Review

GOLDBLUME – 'Husk' Album Review

GOLDBLUME – Husk Cambridge, UK-based alternative three-piece, Goldblume, have released their debut album, Husk, on the 9th November 2018 release on Aaahh!!! Real Records. The new album has been two years in the making and it certainly shows with some terrific song writing. Recorded by David Leighton

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REBUILD/REPAIR – ‘There Is No Place Left For Me Here’

REBUILD/REPAIR – 'There Is No Place Left For Me Here'

REBUILD/REPAIR – There Is No Place Left For Me Here This trio formed in 2011 in a North Edmonton, Canada basement and they are often described as Edmonton’s first and only post-stoner-skate-sludge act. They recently released the There Is No Place Left For Me Herealbum and it

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OLDFASHIONED IDEAS – ‘Still Worth Fighting For’ Album Review

OLDFASHIONED IDEAS – 'Still Worth Fighting For' Album Review

OLDFASHIONED IDEAS – Still Worth Fighting For Oldfashioned Ideas have shared the stage with the likes of The Exploited and the Toy Dolls and the Malmo, Sweden based punks have been at this since 2009. They have just released their latest album, Still Worth Fighting For,and it is

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NEW JUNK CITY – ‘Same Places’ Album Review

NEW JUNK CITY – 'Same Places' Album Review

NEW JUNK CITY – Same Places On New Junk City’s sophomore full length, Same Places, the Atlanta-based quartet build upon the foundation the band laid on their debut LP (2014’s Self-Titled effort). New Junk City have pop-punk sensibilities with catchy melodies rooted in folk music and the powerful, Undertones like opener,

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