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NICK GRANDCHAMP AND THE PEOPLE WATCHERS –Time Out Nick Grandchamp and the People Watchers is the solo project of Nick (backed by the “People Watchers”) who hails from Rutland, Vermont. The album is out now and it packs a seriously hard punch. The opening track, Back Around marries

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CITY MAZE – ‘Lifestyle’ EP Review

CITY MAZE – 'Lifestyle' EP Review

CITY MAZE – Lifestyle City Maze have been described as the “Next big thing from Sweden?” – Vice Magazine. They are based in Gothenburg, a city that has produced interesting indie bands and approaches. The bands debut EP, Lifestyleis full of hooks and melodies with soaring vocals, big guitars

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BUTTHOLE UNIVERSITY – ‘Slow Learner’ EP Review

BUTTHOLE UNIVERSITY – 'Slow Learner' EP Review

BUTTHOLE UNIVERSITY – Slow Learner Butthole University has just released their truly magnificent debut EP, Slow Learner. The band describe themselves as ‘an award-losing institution dedicated to bring you the finest educational materials. We specialise in butt content, loving cops and pissing in the ocean!!!’ The five-tracker opens with, in

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PLOMB – ‘At Ease!’ Album Review

PLOMB – 'At Ease!' Album Review

PLOMB – At Ease! Plomb (which translates to “Lead, the material) are from Paris, France and they claim to play “punk/post-punk highly influenced by the likes of Crisis, Flux of Pink Indians.” Their new eight-track LP, At Ease! is about to be released on D-monic label, on

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HOUNDING – ‘Mutt’ EP Review

HOUNDING – 'Mutt' EP Review

HOUNDING – Mutt Hailing from Canterbury, Kent in the garden of England, Hounding have released their debut EP, Mutt, consisting of five belting songs. The three piece conjure up a scintillating noise and open with the Rudimentary Peni like M.U.T.T. ! before showing another side to their

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FIT TO WORK – ‘Voluntary Severance’ EP Review

FIT TO WORK – 'Voluntary Severance' EP Review

FIT TO WORK – Voluntary Severance Fit To Work describe themselves as a “Quasi-autonomous non-governmental punk music. Bred in Orkney, based in Glasgow.” The Scottish punksters have just released their sophomore EP, Voluntary Severance The opening barnstormer, We Will Kill Again, is full of rage, screamed vocals,

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SPOKE TOO SOON – ‘Standing On The Edge’ EP Review

SPOKE TOO SOON – 'Standing On The Edge' EP Review

SPOKE TOO SOON – Standing On The Edge Spoke Too Soon have just completed a tour with Northern Nightlights whose EP we just reviewed (see here). Hailing from Inverness in Scotland, the band’s EP was released on August 31st. The four-tracker opens with Yesterday (Would You Mind) with

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ALKALINE TRIO – ‘Is This Thing Cursed?’ Album Review

ALKALINE TRIO – 'Is This Thing Cursed?' Album Review

ALKALINE TRIO – Is This Thing Cursed? We have been sent this superb review of Alkaline Trio’s new album Is This Thing Cursed? Many thanks to Ryan Wyness from Aberdeen, Scotland for sending it to us and for his detailed description.   Five years. Five years is

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SYSTEM OF HATE – ‘There Is No Madness Here’ Album Review

SYSTEM OF HATE - 'There Is No Madness Here' Album Review

SYSTEM OF HATE – There Is No Madness Here The eagerly anticipated second album from System Of Hate was recently released on Digipack CD and as a limited-edition vinyl LP (with DL code) via John Robb’s Louder Than War Records label. The Barnsley (UK) based five piece

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HOLY LOCUST – ‘Fever Dream’ Album Review

HOLY LOCUST – 'Fever Dream' Album Review

HOLY LOCUST – Fever Dream Holy Locust just released a new album called Fever Dream. The band hail from Pittsburgh and New Orleans in the USA but recorded the album over four days in Melbourne Australia after a tour there. The band have a unique sound that could

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SISTERAY – ‘Sisteray Said’ EP Review

SISTERAY – 'Sisteray Said' EP Review

SISTERAY – Sisteray Said Following a thrilling eighteen months in which they’ve lit up festival stages, London’s Sisteray have announced the release of a brand new EP, Sisteray Said on September 7th. The band have also announced a UK tour that includes a headline show at London’s 100 Club. The four-tracker

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TWIN PIGS – ‘Scandinavian Nightmare’ Album Review

TWIN PIGS – 'Scandinavian Nightmare' Album Review

TWIN PIGS – Scandinavian Nightmare Twin Pigs formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015 and feature triple lead vocals as well as a synthesizer bass and they create one hell of a beautiful racket! Their sophomore album, Scandinavian Nightmare will be released on September 7th. Opening with the simply

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