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INK BOMB – ‘Swim’ EP Review

INK BOMB – 'Swim' EP Review

INK BOMB – Swim Ink Bomb is a Dutch punk rock band that has made quite a splash since its inception in 2015. After the band released their debut-EP Invincible Summer in 2016, the band found its way to a lot of stages in the Netherlands, Belgium

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RADIO89 – ‘In Memory’ Album Review

RADIO89 – 'In Memory' Album Review

RADIO89 – In Memory Radio89 is a punk band based out of Orlando, Florida with ex-members of Nobodys Hero, Guajiro, and Grumpy*. Formed in 2016, Radio89 has been bringing their raw sound with hints of old school and new school punk, while throwing in some Oi! &

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ERIK CORE – ‘No War. No Where. Know Peace.’ Review

ERIK CORE – 'No War. No Where. Know Peace.' Review

ERIK CORE – No War. No Where. Know Peace. Erik Core has been described as “Bob Dylan on PCP” and for the last twenty plus years he has been performing solo up and down the West Coast (U.S. and Canada) doing acoustic punk shows. This album was

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ALL DEEP ENDS – ‘Secret War’ EP Review

ALL DEEP ENDS – 'Secret War' EP Review

ALL DEEP ENDS – Secret War Hailing from Alabama, All Deep Ends released a six track EP, Secret War, in November. From the melodic acoustic guitar and vocal opening to Redemption Song the EP promises to deliver an authentic and deeply personal package. The song has some

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AERIAL SALAD – ‘Roach’ Album Review

AERIAL SALAD - 'Roach' Album Review

AERIAL SALAD – Roach Manchester punk-trio, Aerial Salad have teamed up with London label, Plasterer Records for the release of their debut album, Roach. Aerial Salad formed in Manchester in 2016, with the main aim to make life a little more interesting for themselves. They formed a

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MUTHA LUVIN CHIMPS – ‘The Usual Suspects’ Review

MUTHA LUVIN CHIMPS – 'The Usual Suspects' Review

MUTHA LUVIN CHIMPS – The Usual Suspects The Usual Suspects is the second album from Manchester, England punks, Mutha Luvin Chimps. The album catapults into life with the “1,2,3,4” shouted intro to the fantastic 93 seconds of Bunny. Producing a blend of the Buzzcocks, Toy Dolls and

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POWDER – ‘Catharsis’ Album Review

POWDER – 'Catharsis' Album Review

POWDER – Catharsis Powder, from Marseille France, release their album, Catharsis on December 1st, 2017. The album opens with Back On The Floor where a clip from a movie and a softly strummed guitar flatter to deceive as the band soon launches into an all out skate-punk/hardcore song

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SAFEGUARD – ‘I’m A Stranger To Myself’ EP Review

SAFEGUARD – 'I’m A Stranger To Myself' EP Review

SAFEGUARD – I’m A Stranger To Myself Hailing from North Yorkshire, UK, Safeguard formed in 2016. They have drawn comparisons to bands like Knuckle Puck, the Story So Far and Neck Deep. The band put out a self-released EP ‘When Did You Stop Caring?’ in early 2017

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KILL THE WITNESS – ‘Songs From A Broom Cupboard’ Review

KILL THE WITNESS – 'Songs From A Broom Cupboard' Review

KILL THE WITNESS – Songs From A Broom Cupboard The opening track of the four-song EP, Songs From A Broom Cupboard, is 50 Grams where a solid drumbeat introduces a melodic folk-punk song dripping with melody and pathos. The upbeat and rather happy music is nicely juxtaposed

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HIJACK BROADCAST – ‘Smalltown Paranoia’ EP Review

HIJACK BROADCAST – 'Smalltown Paranoia' EP Review

HIJACK BROADCAST – Smalltown Paranoia Hijack Broadcast are a three-piece side project of the two German bands, 51Grad and Mostrich from Halle(Saale) in the east of the country. They have just released their debut EP Smalltown Paranoia which we were stoked to review. The five track EP

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WICKED BEARS – ‘Tuning Out’ Album Review

WICKED BEARS – 'Tuning Out' Album Review

WICKED BEARS – Tuning Out Wicked Bears are a local punk rock band originating in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their debut EP made an impact in their local community, and their follow up album, Tuning Out, is bound to elicit many nods of approval. The massively melodic and

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DEATHTRAPS – ‘Justice For The Risca One’ Album Review

DEATHTRAPS – 'Justice For The Risca One' Album Review

DEATHTRAPS – Justice For The Risca One Headquartered in Newport, Wales, Deathtraps have just released their Justice For The Risca One album a few weeks back. We got our hands on the eleven-track dynamo and were hooked from the first grinding chords of Another Great Day. There

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