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SWEET DEALS ON SURGERY – ‘The Snake and the Snoozer’ Review

SWEET DEALS ON SURGERY - 'The Snake and the Snoozer' Review

SWEET DEALS ON SURGERY – ‘The Snake and the Snoozer’ For a three-piece band formed in Manchester, England in 2013, Sweet Deals on Surgery sure do make a sweet racket. The album (recorded in 2015 and released in August 2016) tells a story of a serial killer

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NEW MODEL ARMY – ‘Winter’ Review

NEW MODEL ARMY - 'Winter' Review

NEW MODEL ARMY – ‘WINTER’ Ever since that appearance on The Tube in 1984 when my eyeballs and eardrums were introduced to New Model Army playing Christian Militia and Smalltown England (the latter seemed to speak directly to me living in my small Midlands town) I have

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LARK – ‘Funny Man – The Remixes’ Album Review

LARK - 'Funny Man - The Remixes' Album Review

Following the release of Lark’s fifth dispatch from the dark – the critically acclaimed Funny Man (reviewed by Punk Online) – artist and front man Karl Bielik was struck by a curious notion: what would happen if the album was taken apart, track by track, and then

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SONIC A.M – ‘What We Do When We Do Nothing’ E.P. Review

SONIC A.M - 'What We Do When We Do Nothing' E.P. Review

Here at Punk Online we receive a wide spectrum of releases from punk bands around the world. Some are rough, raw and ready whilst others are results of polished production and engineering. What is becoming increasingly clear is that technology is significantly lowering the bar to entry

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SYSTEM PARALYSIS – ‘Concrete Gore’ Review

SYSTEM PARALYSIS - 'Concrete Gore' Review

When the press materials accompanying an album describe the band as a ska/punk /metal band, I was not quite expecting the absolutely blistering and brilliant opening track on the new album from Hull’s System Paralysis. Self Made Madness is one of my stand out tracks of 2016

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DYSNEA BOYS – ‘Forgot How to Read’ Review

DYSNEA BOYS - 'Forgot How to Read' Review

Berlin’s DYSNEA BOYS are veterans of various North American and European punk bands and consist of former members of Social Unrest, The Spitfires, The Loyalties, Radio Berlin, Sorry my Sox and Book of Lists. Pronounced ‘Disney’ Boys, these guys really pack a punch and range from all

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MARCO POLIO – ‘Wait and See’ Review

MARCO POLIO - 'Wait and See' Review

The latest release from Plattsburgh, New York folk punk act Marco Polio is titled ‘Wait and See’.  The album brings together bits of lo-fi bedroom folk and fuzzed out basement pop punk, welded together by vocalist and songwriter Matt Hall and Rochester, New York based multi-instrumentalist Peter House. Opening with Grow Up a well-produced

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NOSEBLEED – ‘Something in my Head’ Review

NOSEBLEED - 'Something in my Head' Review

We liked this six track EP very much. Right from the off, a Dead Kennedys riff on Keep Walking had us banging our heads and stomping our feet. There’s a grungy, swampy, garage rock n roll vibe to the band who hail from the city of Leeds

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ANTI TODO – ‘In Punk We Trust’ Review

ANTI TODO - 'In Punk We Trust' Review

Just received a package of material from Colombia’s Anti Todo (translates as Anti Everything if my high school Spanish is correct) and we immediate sat up and took notice as we fired up the 2015 four track E.P In Punk We Trust. The band have released five

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EXTRA SPOOKY – ‘Marbles’ Review

EXTRA SPOOKY - 'Marbles' Review

As we plonked this album on the metaphoric turntable, we were immediately taken aback with the opening track, Good Year. We simply could not pigeon hole the band at all. Turning to their press materials we frantically search for the words that they describe themselves by –

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EXPLODED VIEW – Self Titled Album Review

EXPLODED VIEW - Self Titled Album Review

Fronted by German/Bristol political- journalist-turned-musician/singer Anika, Exploded View have released an album that takes on the mantle of Siouxsie and the Banshees 2016 style. The first track is the incredibly eerie Lost Illusions, a song dominated by Anika’s vocals and some ambient backing track propelled by a cymbal

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THE HOLLYWOOD BRATS – ‘Sick On You’ Review

THE HOLLYWOOD BRATS - 'Sick On You' Review

“Drummer wanted. Young, slim, must look, act and think like a star. No beards, no chromedomes, no fatties” – Hollywood Brats’ infamous advert in the Melody Maker back in 1972. And so the band formed and lay down the foundations of what would become punk rock. Eventually the

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