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KONAD – ‘Irae Dei’ Review

KONAD - 'Irae Dei' Review

Translated, the album title is “Wrath of God” and Portuguese Crust/Thrash Punk band Konad have crafted the perfect title for their album. The band has been kicking around in one form or another since the 1990s with a few periods of inactivity. This album represents the third

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TIME KILLERS – ‘Dead City Dreams’ Review

TIME KILLERS - 'Dead City Dreams' Review

We receive music from all over the world at but the band with the most Northern address so far are the TimeKillers from northern Finland (Keminmaa/Lapland) Their debut album “Dead City Dreams” was released in late 2015 when the days were long and dark and the

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LARK – ‘Funny Man’ Review

LARK - 'Funny Man' Review

The beauty of punk is that it comes in all forms and guises. The new album ‘Funny Man’ by Lark is hard to categorise but fans of early Death in June or way out Bauhaus tracks will harmonise with this latest offering. The bass is heavy throughout

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FALSE ADVERTISING: ‘Brainless’ EP Review

FALSE ADVERTISING: 'Brainless' EP Review

Manchester based, although not from Manchester as pointed out in previous interviews, False Advertising are an interesting mix in a trio. Featuring the usual Guitar, Bass, Drums line-up, although duties can be shared. Two guys, one girl and loads of noise. Although relatively new having formed only

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TINDALL: ‘Tindall vs Tindall’ EP

TINDALL: 'Tindall vs Tindall' EP

When the email accompanying the E.P contains the explanation… “We’re a pop-punk band from Slough who have an incredibly attractive bass player. He is an absolute mega-babe. Terrible bassist but looks so damn good that we don’t mind.” …then you know you are reviewing a band that

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GUY – ‘Loser’ EP Review

GUY - 'Loser' EP Review

Loser is a 3-track that has been self-recorded, funded and published and is certainly worth a listen. Opening with Finders Keepers the band pins back your ears and forces your head to bang and feet to move. With the bass up front in the mix to great

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LAFLAMME – ‘Broken Hearted Sons’ Review

LAFLAMME - 'Broken Hearted Sons' Review

LaFlamme are donating all proceeds of this EP to Muscular Dystrophy UK which is a damn good cause and something all Punks can support and get behind. The first track is the eponymous Broken Hearted Sons featuring a Sisters of Mercy like guitar riff and dark, deep

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COMRADE NIXON: ‘Wine and Circuses’ Review

COMRADE NIXON: 'Wine and Circuses' Review

Comrade Nixon is such a great name for a band or a duo as these guys are. Over the past few years we have seen a few duos make a great noise such as Royal Blood, The White Stripes and, er, The Black Keys…Comrade Nixon are much

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WOOD AND NAILS – ‘The Night Before’ EP Review

WOOD AND NAILS - 'The Night Before' EP Review

From the city that brought you Black Sabbath and The Lost Cherrees come Wood and Nails. ‘The Night Before’ is a 6 track E.P. opening with the title song ‘The Night Before’. It’s a melodic and powerful track in the mold of Gaslight Anthem with some wonderful

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DOKUGA – ‘Dokuga’ Album Review

DOKUGA - 'Dokuga' Album Review

BUY THIS ALBUM EXCLUSIVELY FROM PUNK ONLINE SHOP – ONLY 300 COPIES WORLDWIDE GO HERE >>> With the news that seminal punk band, Discharge, are about to release a new album (and early signs are that it is going to be a classic) it is relevant that

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I have been looking forward to hearing the latest Danse Society album for a while so I was delighted when a copy was sent straight to us from the band and landed on my doorstep. Still armed with new female vocalist Maethelyiah, the band have taken on

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BITTER GROUNDS – ‘Remnants’ EP Review

BITTER GROUNDS - 'Remnants' EP Review

In the space of a couple of hours we received punk music to review from New York, Birmingham and this one from Utrecht in the Netherlands. Bitter Grounds are a new band with a strong pedigree emerging from a group called Beans. ‘Remnants’ is a four track

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