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BLEACH PARTY – ‘Get Stokeder’ EP Review

BLEACH PARTY – 'Get Stokeder' EP Review

BLEACH PARTY – Get Stokeder For Bleach Party, this EP was a transitional one as the band had their vocalist quit before release and had the replacement singer record vocals for two of the tracks. The band pushed on and decided to self-release Get Stokeder late in December

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NERVES – ‘Put A Plaster On It’ Review

NERVES – 'Put A Plaster On It' Review

NERVES – Put A Plaster On It Nerves are a four piece rock/punk band from South London. They released their debut EP, Put A Plaster On Ita few weeks ago and it’s now available across all major platforms. The EP opens with a tight, rocking instrumental aptly titled

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LAZY CLASS – ‘Interesting Times’ Album Review

LAZY CLASS – 'Interesting Times' Album Review

LAZY CLASS – Interesting Times Lazy Class have launched their first full album, Interesting Times and it contains fourteen songs that combines melody and energy, socio-political lyrics with some more personal stuff. The album was released on vinyl by Contra Records (Germany) and Oldschool Records (Poland). The fourteen-track album

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BET YOUR LIFE – ‘A Reason To Stay’ Review

BET YOUR LIFE – 'A Reason To Stay' Review

BET YOUR LIFE – A Reason To Stay Bet Your Life are a melodic punk rock three piece from Ontario, Canada and are streaming their new six-song EP, A Reason to Stayin its entirety. The first song is a three and half minute rocker, Boss Fight with gritty

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COME CLEAN – ‘From Down the Street’ EP Review

COME CLEAN - 'From Down the Street' EP Review

COME CLEAN – From Down the Street Formed in February 2016, Greensboro, North Carolina based outfit Come Clean are back, with their with high energy brand of pop-punk. During the time that saw the sad and shocking news of the passing of pop-punk pioneer Pete Shelley of the

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REEL BIG FISH – ‘Life Sucks…Let’s Dance!’ Review

REEL BIG FISH – 'Life Sucks…Let’s Dance!' Review

REEL BIG FISH – Life Sucks…Let’s Dance! Reel Big Fish was one of the legions of Southern California ska-punk bands to edge into the mainstream following the mid-’90s success of No Doubt and Sublime. The band was distinguished by their hyperkinetic stage shows, juvenile humour, ironic covers of

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THE FAUVES – ‘Back Off World’ Review

THE FAUVES – 'Back Off World' Review

THE FAUVES – Back Off World Following the legendary chaotic Angelic Upstarts gig at Jarrow Civic Hall in 1977, original upstart band members Colin Hodgson (Hodge), Leon Slawinski (Ski), Brian Smith (Bri) and John Haliday (Hal) left the band to form The Fauves. After a few line-up

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OUR SOULS – ‘I Might Drink Myself To Death’ Review

OUR SOULS - 'I Might Drink Myself To Death' Review

OUR SOULS – I Might Drink Myself To Death Our Souls are a DIY punk band from Leicester, UK and have just released their first EP, I Might Drink Myself To Death that was recorded in a ballet shoe factory and the front room of a terraced

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GREAT GRIEF – ‘Love, Lust & Greed’ Album Review

GREAT GRIEF – 'Love, Lust & Greed' Album Review

GREAT GRIEF – Love, Lust & Greed Great Grief is a band from Reykjavík, Iceland formed in 2013. Known as one of the driving forces behind the Reykjavík hardcore scene. They’ve played over 150 shows all over Iceland, U.S and Canada, and earning a reputation as one

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KILL THE MASTERS – ‘Everything Hurts’ EP Review

KILL THE MASTERS – 'Everything Hurts' EP Review

KILL THE MASTERS – Everything Hurts Hailing from Bolton in the Northwest of England, Kill The Masters have just released their Everything Hurts EP. The four tracker begins with No Apologies where the dual vocals open up a rocking and raucous heavyweight punk rock song with booming bass

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AUTHORITY ZERO – ‘Persona Non Grata’ Album Review

AUTHORITY ZERO - 'Persona Non Grata' Album Review

AUTHORITY ZERO – Persona Non Grata On December 7th, long-running Mesa, AZ-based melodic punk/rock/reggae act Authority Zero released Persona Non Grata, their first studio self-release since their debut EP album Patches in Time over seventeen years ago. The release of Persona Non Gratawill be followed by an early

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JACKSON REID BRIGGS & THE HEATERS – It All Comes Down Australia’s Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters will release their new album, It All Comes Down on December 15th. Opening with the pulsating and pounding, Tell Me, the band showcase a bluesy, garage-punk strain that simply rocks

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