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THE DAHMERS – ‘Down In The Basement’ Album Review

THE DAHMERS – 'Down In The Basement' Album Review

THE DAHMERS – Down In The Basement Down In The Basement is the third album from the Swedish rock ‘n’ roll horror sensation The Dahmers. The album collects eighteen tracks with a raw and scary essence. The band is quickly rising to be one of the most

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KAGOULE – ‘Strange Entertainment’ Album Review

KAGOULE – 'Strange Entertainment' Album Review

KAGOULE – Strange Entertainment The long-awaited second album from Nottingham trio Kagoule is Strange Entertainment due to be released on 26th October 2018 on Alcopop! Records. The opening track, Egg Hunt, moves along to an eclectic guitar riff, plainspoken/sung vocals and meanders into varying rhythmic rooms creating

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PUNK ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! PIRATE COPY – ‘Swashbuckle & Swagger’ Album Notes

PUNK ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! PIRATE COPY - 'Swashbuckle & Swagger' Album Notes

PUNK ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! PIRATE COPY – ‘Swashbuckle & Swagger’ Album Notes Track By Track Unruly punk rock crew PIRATE COPY have given us an exclusive track by track breakdown for their new album, Swashbuckle & Swagger, which is out on Friday 26th October, via Black Sail Records.

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PROJECT YOUTH – ‘Social Dump’ EP Review

PROJECT YOUTH – 'Social Dump' EP Review

PROJECT YOUTH – Social Dump Our friends from Istanbul, Project Youth have just released their new five-track EP, Social Dump and it is a corker! Last year, we reviewed their debut album, Middle East, and you can read our review here>>>. The new EP opens with the

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MARK HEX – ‘Death By Gluttony’ EP Review

MARK HEX – 'Death By Gluttony' EP Review

MARK HEX – Death By Gluttony Hailing from London, UK, Mark Hex is a one man tour du force and his new four-track EP, Death By Gluttony is a mixture of eclectic styles with a decidedly low-fi approach. The EP opens with some rapid drum beats, an

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MAJORITY LOST – ‘We Needed This More Than You Wanted This’

MAJORITY LOST – 'We Needed This More Than You Wanted This'

MAJORITY LOST – We Needed This More Than You Wanted This Los Angeles punkers, Majority Lost have reunited and launched a five-track acoustic EP, We Needed This More Than You Wanted This, with all proceeds being donated to the ACLU. The EP opens with a super guitar

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BUZZKILLZ – ‘Major Fucking Complications’ EP Review

BUZZKILLZ – 'Major Fucking Complications' EP Review

BUZZKILLZ – Major Fucking Complications Buzzkillz hail from Helsinki, Finland and have just released (October 13th) their five track EP. The title track, Major Fucking Complications features Titch of Klingonz and it rocks with echoes of Offspring as the backing vocals kick in to a fast paced, meaty

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LAST RESERVES – ‘Bad Days’ EP Review

LAST RESERVES – 'Bad Days' EP Review

LAST RESERVES – Bad Days Liverpool based punk band, Last Reserves released their new EP, Bad Days on October 20thand it is a five-track beauty! The theme of the EP is to do with mental health, but there is also links to social media addiction and animal welfare

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MEAN CAESAR – ‘Mean Caesar’ EP Review

MEAN CAESAR – 'Mean Caesar' EP Review

MEAN CAESAR – Mean Caesar South London punker’s Mean Caesar have been tearing their way through the grimiest clubs and loudest bars South of the river since the start of 2018 and their eponymously titled debut EP shows that the touring has helped them hone their craft. The

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SMOKING POPES – ‘Into The Agony’ Album Review

SMOKING POPES – 'Into The Agony' Album Review

SMOKING POPES – Into The Agony Smoking Popes are from Chicago and were formed in 1991. The band’s signature sound is pop-infused indie-punk featuring the unique, crooning vocal stylings of lead singer Josh Caterer. Since their inception the band has released seven studio albums and has toured/shared

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COCKWOMBLE – ‘All Of The Money! None Of The Style’ EP Review

COCKWOMBLE – 'All Of The Money! None Of The Style' EP Review

COCKWOMBLE – All Of The Money! None Of The Style First things first, we like Cockwomble, we like them a lot! We reviewed their debut EP, Henchmen (read here), back in July and have been awaiting their follow up ever since. So, we were made up when their

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MR WU’s PIGS – ‘It Is What It Is’ Album Review

MR WU’s PIGS – 'It Is What It Is' Album Review

MR WU’s PIGS – It Is What It Is Hailing from the UK, Mr Wu’s Pigs have released a strong album full of fuzz guitar, lo-fi and garage elements. Blending the sounds of The Undertones, Husker Du and T-Rex, Mr Wu’s Pigs come straight out of the

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