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NEUTRAL BOMBS – ‘Pretend To Fly’ Album Review

NEUTRAL BOMBS – 'Pretend To Fly' Album Review

NEUTRAL BOMBS – Pretend To Fly The new album from Swiss based punk-rockers, Neutral Bombs was released on June 2018th on Sliptrick Records. The band cover life and death, Gay pride and pointless violence on a wide ranging powerful eleven-track effort. The opening guitar lick to Still

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THE MOR(R)ONS – ‘Lager’ Album Review

THE MOR(R)ONS – 'Lager' Album Review

THE MOR(R)ONS – Lager Slovenian (not Slovakian as we mistakenly stated when reviewing the bands second release) punk-rock/skatepunk band The Mor(R)ons have a new album out! It’s titled Lager and contains fourteen fast paced efforts opening with the super Wednesday Walk where the skate punk beginning gives

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WAYWARD KID – ‘Noise for New Movement’ Album Review

WAYWARD KID - 'Noise for New Movement' Album Review

WAYWARD KID – Noise for New Movement Wayward Kid recently dropped their first LP, Noise for New Movement. The band cite influences such as Against Me!, Latterman and This Bike is a Pipe Bomb and they self-describe their sound as “Folk Punk.” The Atlanta, Georgia based band

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MISHAPPENINGS – ‘Cold Fire Hostess’ EP Review

MISHAPPENINGS – 'Cold Fire Hostess' EP Review

MISHAPPENINGS – Cold Fire Hostess UK punkers Mishappenings have just released their five-track EP, Cold Fire Hostess on June 25th. The opening track, Demilitarized is a raw UK82 style punk rocker attacking the returning squaddies with Oi! style lead vocals and a group vocal backing that brings

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DORKATRON – ‘The Extra Mile’ EP Review

DORKATRON – 'The Extra Mile' EP Review

DORKATRON – The Extra Mile Self described as “Four nerds form Klagenfurt, Austria” – Dorkatron have released their six-track EP, The Extra Mile. The band are pop-punk in approach and drip with hooks and melodies as displayed on the opening track, Is She Really Going Out Tonight

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THE QUEERS – ‘Punk Rock Confidential Revisited’ Album Review

THE QUEERS - 'Punk Rock Confidential Revisited' Album Review

THE QUEERS – Punk Rock Confidential Revisited None other than the legendary US punk rock band, The Queers, have picked Monster Zero for the re-release of their ’98 classic Punk Rock Confidential Revisited. Recorded all over again and including two new songs, the album opens with Tamara

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DIAL DRIVE – ‘Viva Le’Jit’ EP Review

DIAL DRIVE – 'Viva Le’Jit' EP Review

DIAL DRIVE – Viva Le’Jit Dial Drive was started in late 2016 and they began to play constantly throughout the state of Florida. Early in 2017 Dial Drive released their first EP, Never Go Home which was well received. Their second EP, Viva Le’Jit has just been

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ZERO NEGATIVE – ‘Zero Negative’ EP Review

ZERO NEGATIVE – 'Zero Negative' EP Review

ZERO NEGATIVE – Zero Negative From the area of the world that produced the Toy Dolls, Angelic Upstarts and the UKs Total Chaos, Zero Negative hail from Sunderland in England’s North East. Their recently released self-titled five track EP just hit our inboxes and it’s a corker!

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NERDLINGER – ‘Happy Place’ Album Review

NERDLINGER – 'Happy Place' Album Review

NERDLINGER – Happy Place On July 13th Disconnect Disconnect Records will release the new album by Nerdlinger. The band have a long and storied history playing over 350 shows since 2013 across Australia, Japan and New Zealand, and are they are set to embark on their first

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OLD BONES BREAK EASY – ‘Greetings From Horseshoe Falls’ Review

OLD BONES BREAK EASY – 'Greetings From Horseshoe Falls' Review

OLD BONES BREAK EASY – Greetings From Horseshoe Falls Old Bones Break Easy hails from Austin, TX. They release Greetings From Horseshoe Falls on July 13th and the fifteen-tracks of pop-skate-punk are refreshing, technical and full of energy. The fast paced Seek Help Immediately contains some monster

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THE SUBSERVIENTS – ‘Simple Minded’ EP Review

THE SUBSERVIENTS – 'Simple Minded' EP Review

THE SUBSERVIENTS – Simple Minded The Subservients are a four-piece hardcore punk band from Pontiac, Illinois. Established in 2016 they have just released their second EP, Simple Minded. The opening track of the five is stunning! Fast, booming loose string bass, monster chords and vocals dripping with

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THE HUMAN PROJECT – ‘Clarion Call’ Album Review

THE HUMAN PROJECT – 'Clarion Call' Album Review

THE HUMAN PROJECT – Clarion Call Politically charged Leeds tech punks The Human Project are back with a brand album titled Clarion Call set for release on Friday 6th July.  Where their previously released album, Origins, released in 2013, preached a heartfelt message of unity and of

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