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DISCIPLINE – ‘Stake Your Claim’ Review

DISCIPLINE - 'Stake Your Claim' Review

Our Dutch friends at Rebellion Records have been releasing some cracking punk albums this year and, lately a number of Streetpunk/Oi efforts. The latest just hit our inbox and comes eleven years after the last release from Eindhoven’s Discipline. Fronted by Merijn Verhees (ex-Banner Of Thugs, The

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YESTERDAY’S HEROES – ‘La LLama Que Nunca Se Apaga’ Review

YESTERDAY'S HEROES - 'La LLama Que Nunca Se Apaga' Review

Yesterday’s Heroes come out swinging with their debut four-track EP ‘La Llama Que Nunca Se Apaga!’ available now on Streetrock Records. Hailing from the mean streets of Medellin, Colombia the band are part of the burgeoning street punk/oi scene pouring out of underground South America. This is

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DUNT – ‘Between Punk Rock and a Hard Place’ Review

DUNT - 'Between Punk Rock and a Hard Place' Review

DUNT are here for your protection, with a manifesto of energetic live shows, wry humour and blunt force musical trauma to the skull, with their observation of everyday bullshit, great melodies and choppy riffs. Their songs will become so embedded into your brains, you will be punching

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MOON WORSHIP – ‘Book the Pops’ Review

MOON WORSHIP - 'Book the Pops' Review

From the city of Troy in the Capital District of New York, Moon Worship play a noisy, distressed kind of rock played through a dreary ambience. Their debut EP, ‘Book The Pops’, is experimental and earnest, and across the thirty seamless minutes builds a unwavering atmosphere of

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HOSTILE MINDS – ‘Violent Society’ Review

HOSTILE MINDS - 'Violent Society' Review

Another release from the Netherlands based Rebellion Records – the full album from Hostile Minds. We reviewed the three track E.P. called ‘No Innocence’ by the band back in January and as that release is pretty much sold out, punters will be pleased to hear that all

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NO TIME – ‘You’ll Get Yours’ Review

NO TIME - 'You'll Get Yours' Review

This was the first album out of a package of three we recently received from our friends at Rebellion Records and it’s a corker of a street punk/Oi release. Opening with Y.W.B.M. – “You Won’t Be Missed” – a chunky, aggressive song with throaty vocals that compliment

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BIG KNIFE LITTLE KNIFE – ‘Anchor Rights’ Review

BIG KNIFE LITTLE KNIFE - 'Anchor Rights' Review

‘Anchor Rights’, the debut album from Big Knife, Little Knife is full of jagged guitars and controlled dissonance creating a Sonic Youth like set of songs. Since late 2012, the band has been writing songs about anger and loss, and, sometimes hope. They have released a cracking

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TOP DOG – S/t Album Review

TOP DOG - S/t Album Review

“Welcome to our world, where the sun don’t fucking shine, welcome to our world, where you gotta tow the line” is the belting chorus from Cumbrian Oi band Top Dog. Their self-titled debut album is full of references to a grey working class life and the struggles

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DEUX FURIEUSES – ‘Tracks of Wire’ Review

DEUX FURIEUSES - 'Tracks of Wire' Review

Deux Furieuses are a London/Glasgow duo Ros Cairney (guitar and vocals) and Vas Antoniadou (drums and vocals). Their debut album ’Tracks of Wire’ is produced by Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey’s drummer and arranger) and comparisons to Harvey are fair. Are we Sexy Enough? Is a brilliant opening song

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DISCHARGE – ‘End of Days’ Review

DISCHARGE - 'End of Days' Review

Back in 1980 I boarded a clapped out mini-bus with 14 other punks to attend a gig in Derby (The Assembly Rooms I think?) headlined by Discharge and supported by Disorder amongst others. The early Discharge singles had taken the sounds of the Clash, Sex Pistols and

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ELK GANG – ‘Hours Pass’ Review

ELK GANG - 'Hours Pass' Review

Formed in Edinburgh a mere two years ago, this bunch of Scots certainly know how to pack a punch! This is Elk Gang’s debut seven track mini album ‘Hours Pass’ and it should bode of good things to come. From the swift opener of Forgive and Forget,

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U.S. NERO – ‘Free Thinker’ Review

U.S. NERO - 'Free Thinker' Review

In the spirit of Captain Beefheart, Flipper and The Fall, U.S. Nero open their new album with I’m a Commodity, a mash up of spoken word, screamed vocals and some experimental noise pop backing. The use of radio samples and different time shifts is prevalent throughout the

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