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RUBEN VINE – ‘Slave Love’ Review

RUBEN VINE - 'Slave Love' Review

As we have mentioned before here at punkonline.co.uk, we see the genre of punk as a ‘broad church’ and the latest album from Ruben Vine is certainly a long way away from the three-chord punk/Oi/Ska/grindcore that makes up the majority of our reviews. Ruben Vine plays the

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SALTWATER INJECTION – ‘Regurgitated For The People’ Review

SALTWATER INJECTION - 'Regurgitated For The People' Review

Saltwater Injection have followed up on their 2015 debut single with a new 5 track EP released last week. The band is comprised of two brothers and they self describe their music as “Post-Heroin Punk” The first song on the EP, ‘Sexual Adventure’ begins with an ominous

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All aboard me hearties!!! This is the latest split offering from Hastings folky gang Matilda’s Scoundrels and South Coast familiars The Barracks, and a right tasty treat it is too. If the Scoundrels are the fish, then the Barracks offer up the battering! This release sees three

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PSYCHOPIGS – ‘Neverevolution’ Review

PSYCHOPIGS - 'Neverevolution' Review

WE HAVE BEEN SENT COPIES OF THE CD TO SELL IN OUR ONLINE STORE. PLEASE SUPPORT NEW PUNK BANDS BY BUYING THIS ALBUM FOR JUST £5.99 GRAB IT HERE>>> Opening with a chugging power chord guitar riff 911 is an assault on the senses with some terrific

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‘LOST PUNK FROM THE 80’s’ Review

'LOST PUNK FROM THE 80's' Review

‘Lost Punk From the 80’s & Future Punk Classic’s’ is a compilation album of lost Punk treasure from the 1980’s & 1990’s that was never released properly at the time. This also features a collection of unreleased new material from new and upcoming punk bands. It features

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Here at Punkonline Towers we love receiving the latest releases from labels and bands all over the world. One of our favorite labels is the Dutch based Rebellion Records who consistently release powerful punk records. The 150th release from Rebellion is from Live By The Sword. The

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DEAD ROYALTIES – ‘Spraying Perfume On The Flowers’ Review

DEAD ROYALTIES - 'Spraying Perfume On The Flowers' Review

Two singles from Bristol’s Dead Royalties that were released in 2015 and are available on Bandcamp and follow hot on the heels of our review of the recent Metz gig in New York. The connection between the two is that these bands are loud, complex (“math punk” is

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NOT TONIGHT AND THE HEADACHES – ‘If You Were Real You’d Do Your Own Stunts’ Review

NOT TONIGHT AND THE HEADACHES - 'If You Were Real You’d Do Your Own Stunts' Review

Well the bands tongue in cheek name alludes to their self-proclaimed influences and desire to resurrect the sound of mid 90’s pop punk. They achieve this admirably, sitting back and closing my eyes I could just imagine myself back in the mid 90’s, when I was discovering

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KRIEGS LEGION – ‘War Bastard’ Review

KRIEGS LEGION - 'War Bastard' Review

Comprised of some punk veterans from Detroit and fresh from supporting Sham 69 and Total Chaos over the past year, Krieg’s Legion have released a powerful album. Street Rock Records has a stable of punk/Oi/skinhead bands and these guys are at the head of the pack. War

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From the opening power chords and explosive drumming of ‘Main Street’, it’s clear that Static Fiction are a band who have a great deal of talent. The track is a pop-punk classic in the spirit of My Chemical Romance or fellow Californians, AFI. It’s a great energetic

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CARTER USM – ‘Hello, Good Evening, Welcome and Goodbye: Live at Maida Vale’ Review

CARTER USM - 'Hello, Good Evening, Welcome and Goodbye: Live at Maida Vale' Review

Carter The Unstoppable Machine have released their farewell radio session on CD, vinyl and download. Recorded live at Maida Vale, performing a special gig for Steve Lamacq on his Radio 6 Music Show, the hour long set was played to small and passionate crowd of fans. The

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JUNO – ‘Speed Won’t Cut It’ EP Review

JUNO - 'Speed Won't Cut It' EP Review

Back in 2014 we reviewed Juno’s three track EP ‘Answers’ and we proclaimed “Three tracks of blistering punk rock music simply leave you wanting more as this is ‘proper, in your face’, stuff”. Fast forward to February 2016 and we get to hear their latest offerings. Our

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