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POSTSCRIPT – ‘Postscript’ Review

POSTSCRIPT - 'Postscript' Review

Australian punk band Postscript have recently released their self-titled album which is influenced by the 90’s skate punk scene. Made up of Jess, Luke, Michael and Chem, the band started as an idea in Luke’s bedroom to write and record some punk rock tracks in order for

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BUTANNA – ‘Demo’ Review

BUTANNA - 'Demo' Review

Hailing from the city of Oakland, CA which is a hotbed of great punk music, BUTANNA have self released a 7 song demo cassette (yes, cassettes are cool again so get your pencils ready to rewind the tape). Don’t be fooled by the D.I.Y. nature of the

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KILLING JOKE – ‘Pylon’ Review

KILLING JOKE - 'Pylon' Review

The last three Killing Joke related projects have been available via the excellent Pledge Music website and the direct connection between the band and customer is a refreshing use of technology in today’s bland computer driven radio and streaming world. The latest KJ album is relentless, angry,

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BAND OF HOLY JOY – ‘Land of Holy Joy’ Review

So, the Band of Holy Joy have released their ‘tricky’ 19th album under the delightful, yet sarcastic, title ‘Land of Holy Joy’.  And what an achievement, most probably their best to date and after the 2012 release of ‘How to Kill a Butterfly’ I didn’t think I’d

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EATER – ‘The Album’ Review

Teenage punks Eater were widely panned by critics when they first emerged in the late 70s, but these petulant school kids made some undeniably good tunes. A seminal British punk band who shared stages with Buzzcocks, The Damned and Johnny Moped, Eater released five singles, one LP,

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MALFUNCTION – ‘Cover It Up’ Review

MALFUNCTION - 'Cover It Up' Review

Malfunction are… Rod Gibbs – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Dek McDonald – Lead guitar. Vocals Scott Stuart – Drums Kenny McKay – Bass Malfunction are a four piece DIY punk band from Kincorth, Aberdeen. Originally formed in the early 80’s, ‘Cover It Up’ is their second album this

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SUPER FAST GIRLIE SHOW – ‘Don’t Go Down Gentle’ Review

SUPER FAST GIRLIE SHOW - 'Don’t Go Down Gentle' Review

Super Fast Girlie Show’s debut album, ‘Don’t Go Down Gentle’, is heavy, melodic and instantly enjoyable. The Liverpool three piece do away with guitars but hammer in thick bass lines, with pulsing beats and great choruses all packed in to tight two-minute tracks. Soaring through twelve songs

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MALFUNCTION – ‘Looking For You’ Review

MALFUNCTION - 'Looking For You' Review

Aberdeen punk band Malfunction released their debut album ‘Looking for You’ in February this year. It’s a thirteen track, no-nonsense affair which relies on slower, more melodic punk rather than thrash type music. On first listen they reminded me of early UK Subs – ‘Tomorrow’s Girl’ and

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THE MOR(R)ONS – ‘Yin Punk’ Review

THE MOR(R)ONS - 'Yin Punk' Review

The Mor(R)ons are a four-piece band from Slovakia who play a fast, melodic style of skate punk and incorporate all that is great about the genre. Fans of skate punk, be it the classics or the revival, will love Yin Punk, the follow up to 2012’s ‘Down

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DEATHSEX BLOODBATH – ‘Golden Showers’ Review

DEATHSEX BLOODBATH - 'Golden Showers' Review

Deathsex Bloodbath are a glam-punk sleaze-rock band from Coventry who make no apologies for being who they are. Deathsex are in a reality of their own and if you allow yourself to let go of your senses, it’s quite endearing. They are as absurd as they are

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SWILL AND THE SWAGGERBAND – Welcome to Wonderland

SWILL AND THE SWAGGERBAND - Welcome to Wonderland

This collection presents a selection of 14 tracks taken from the Swill & the Swaggerband EP’s and albums recorded between 2004 and 2006. The recording style is no frills and energetic and is made up of live performances in the recording studio. Only acoustic instruments are used

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CASH REGISTERS – ‘Context Demos’ Review

CASH REGISTERS - 'Context Demos' Review

Clocking in with 18 songs, New York City’s The Cash Registers album is a breathtaking listen. Most songs are under two minutes in length and seven are under a minute with the classic Short Attention Span hitting just four seconds on the stopwatch. “Kojack” layers some punk

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