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THE MOR(R)ONS – ‘Yin Punk’ Review

THE MOR(R)ONS - 'Yin Punk' Review

The Mor(R)ons are a four-piece band from Slovakia who play a fast, melodic style of skate punk and incorporate all that is great about the genre. Fans of skate punk, be it the classics or the revival, will love Yin Punk, the follow up to 2012’s ‘Down

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DEATHSEX BLOODBATH – ‘Golden Showers’ Review

DEATHSEX BLOODBATH - 'Golden Showers' Review

Deathsex Bloodbath are a glam-punk sleaze-rock band from Coventry who make no apologies for being who they are. Deathsex are in a reality of their own and if you allow yourself to let go of your senses, it’s quite endearing. They are as absurd as they are

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SWILL AND THE SWAGGERBAND – Welcome to Wonderland

SWILL AND THE SWAGGERBAND - Welcome to Wonderland

This collection presents a selection of 14 tracks taken from the Swill & the Swaggerband EP’s and albums recorded between 2004 and 2006. The recording style is no frills and energetic and is made up of live performances in the recording studio. Only acoustic instruments are used

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CASH REGISTERS – ‘Context Demos’ Review

CASH REGISTERS - 'Context Demos' Review

Clocking in with 18 songs, New York City’s The Cash Registers album is a breathtaking listen. Most songs are under two minutes in length and seven are under a minute with the classic Short Attention Span hitting just four seconds on the stopwatch. “Kojack” layers some punk

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ANTI-FLAG – ‘American Spring’ Review

ANTI-FLAG - 'American Spring' Review

Pin back your ears, open up your eyes, get out your flag with the circled ‘A’ and listen to the latest from Pittsburgh’s finest, Anti-Flag. Although they have been at this for over 20 years, they have just released a punk classic and, for me, the best

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THE DIGNITIES – ‘Fire Takes the Night’ Review

THE DIGNITIES - 'Fire Takes the Night' Review

The Dignities were formed by husband and wife, Cameron and Helen, last year and were soon joined by another singer, Angel. The trio recorded their debut album ‘Fire Takes the Night’ – with Cameron playing all instruments – releasing the 13-track album in late 2014. They have

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THE LIGAMENTS – ‘Digital [EP]’ Review

THE LIGAMENTS - 'Digital [EP]' Review

London-based trio Ligaments play a fast, rousing style of punk rock that brilliantly blends the melody with the noise. Hot on the heels of February’s raw and ambitious ‘Eat Pizza’ comes a self-titled EP that is pleasantly more refined and matures their sparkling intensity. Ligaments power through

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THE FALL – ‘Sub-Lingual Tablet’ Review

THE FALL - 'Sub-Lingual Tablet' Review

Mark E. Smith and his latest merry band have released the 31st studio album from The Fall (I’ve lost count of the live albums!) and, after the rather tepid 30th effort, ‘Erstatz’, this one is pretty darn good. There are some folks in Punkonline towers who find

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THE MEMBRANES – ‘Dark Matter/Dark Energy’ Review

If punk music was a fine wine then The Membranes have certainly improved with age. Their first album since 1989, you can imagine their followers visiting the cellar year after year asking if it’s ready yet. However, patience is the key because the album release on June

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MoCARA – ‘Twist My Mind’ Review

MoCARA - 'Twist My Mind' Review

After we reviewed MoCara’s six track EP called ‘Identifyah’ several months ago, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a copy of their debut album ‘Twist My Mind’. Step up Stumpy of Punk Online to give his opinion… Our Review… One of the interesting developments in

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ALIAS KID – ‘Revolt to Revolt’ Review

After recently supporting Jesus and the Mary Chain on their Psychocandy tour, Alias Kid will soon be touring again, this time with Shaun Ryder’s reformed Black Grape. By keeping such accomplished company I needed to hear their debut album ‘Revolt to Revolt’ to see what all the

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