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CENTURY THIRTEEN – Track By Track Notes From The New Album

CENTURY THIRTEEN – Track By Track Notes

Century ThirteenGlaswegian punk rockers CENTURY THIRTEEN release their self-titled album on Friday 13th July and we have an exclusive insight to the tracks behind the record. The band talk us through each of the songs on the album:

01. Intro

“A short instrumental intro that leads nicely into the first track, ‘Get Off’.”

02. Get Off

“We wanted to start the record with one of our hardest hitting songs and we knew ‘Get Off’ was the best choice the track with its upbeat guitar riff, killer guitar solo and a big chorus packed with vocal harmonies. With its catchy lyrics and hooks this song really showcases our different styles and influences.”

03. Is It Just Me

“‘Is It Just Me?’ we ask – this is our version of new pop punk meets old pop punk – going from breakdown style guitar riffs to quick punk rock this song is fun, fast paced and is the story of rejection sung in a catchy energetic way.”

04. Blow Up The Open World

“This is a fun song with lyrics full of video game references. The song tells the story of a gamer who, frustrated with being led down a set path, goes out of their way to break the rules of the game and do things their own way, causing plenty of chaos in the process. The same philosophy could be applied to all of our lives sometimes. Well, perhaps with less explosions…”

05. From This Hell

“When we wrote this song we wanted to write something that makes people jump up and down – with catchy bass and drum parts this song really captures just that, alongside the very real lyrics about drowning in a failed relationship, this song has something that most people can relate to.”

06. Not My Place

“A song about the friendzone – this is upbeat, fast paced, and fun, and is one of our favourites on the album with its overly catchy chorus that gets stuck in your head and story is told through out it helps the listener walk in our shoes and experience our ups and downs in our lives.”

We have a stream of the track, here –

07. Ours

“Possibly the most chaotic track on the album, this track is deliberately noisy and erratic, with stop-start guitar riffs alternating with shouting vocals. The song tells a story about someone who wakes up outside in a park after a night of partying, and contemplating their existence and purpose in life.”

08. The Last

“This is a song that very much doesn’t try to hide it’s influences, being written as a stylistic nod to the punk bands we grew up listening to. Lyrically, the song is about a frustration with those in positions of power making decisions that seem to benefit no-one but themselves, often to the detriment of large parts of society as a whole.”

09. A Million times

“This track is built around a catchy melody and a chorus that will get stuck in your head. The song is sung from the perspective of someone who has been putting up with being belittled and talked down to by others, but instead of continuing to let it get to them, they turn the situation around and grow stronger as a result.”

We have a video for the song, here –

10. What went wrong

“The one who got away comes to mind with this one this song with its melodic guitar riff that rings throughout the song has a chorus about regret and missed opportunities and verse that tell a story that has happened to most but this is not a sad song with its happy upbeat style and energy this song has great pace. ”

11. Dark Descent

“This song shows off a variety of our influences – a slightly longer track, this is another one that explores our darker, heavier side. The lyrics describe a post-apocalyptic scenario, with the character trapped in a dangerous place where everyone around is fighting for themselves with no regard for the well-being of others – a kind of metaphor for feelings we’ve all had at some point where it feels like there is no way to go on or no way to escape.”

12. Bonus track 1 – Get Off (Orchestral Version)

“We like to explore different styles and having previously released alternative versions of our popular old tracks like Sunshine, Break, and Too Much, we felt it was fitting to do something similar on the album. This alternative version of Get Off features the same catchy melodies but presented in a cinematic orchestra style.”

13. Bonus track 2 – Break (Lights in September Skies)

“We decided to remaster and release this track as a final bonus track on the album – originally released in 2015 this song has been a staple of our live set ever since we first played it and is a definite fan favourite. The song tells a story of betrayal by those close to the protagonist, while explosions are lighting up the skies of their home town.”

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Note: A massive thanks to Century Thirteen for sharing their thoughts with us at Punk Online and to Garry from SaN Ltd for arranging it all.





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