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CHALK HANDS – ‘Burrows And Other Hideouts’ Review

CHALK HANDS – Burrows And Other Hideouts

Chalk HandsHailing from Brighton, England, Chalk Hands will release their debut EP, Burrows And Other Hideouts, on August 25th. They create a unique sound combining hardcore vocals with various musical landscapes from the intense and powerful segments to soft lonely guitar notes.

From the softly strummed melodic guitar notes that lull the listener into a false sense of security as the song erupts into a manic and full on noise fest with screamed vocals, Chalk Hands deliver a constantly changing four-minute track. The vocals are searing and angry whilst the music is, by turns, soft and melodic or a wall of sound attacking the ears. The juxtaposition of these approaches creates an intriguing and engaging song that is very difficult to describe – I’d suggest that you grab a hold of the single and judge for yourself.

Arms is slightly longer than the “A-Side” at four minutes and thirty-nine seconds and opens with a more urgent guitar with chords and notes at the higher end of the spectrum and then those screamed vocals join in to help drive the track into hardcore territory. Once again, Chalk Hands are not afraid to strip the song down to the sorrowful solo notes of a guitar only to turn things up again and then bring things back down. There is a post-punk vibe for sure along with some skate-punk moments but, on the whole, there is creative energy in spades and it all combines to craft a very pleasant noise!!

Burrows And Other Hideouts by Chalk Hands is available on Future Void Records here: https://chalkhands.bandcamp.com/